What is sensuality?

Alejandro and I are long time friends. He’s been photographing me for years. A while back he said I was his muse. I got excited at the thought of being someone’s muse so we shot plenty. Many of the photos are not even published. I’ve watched him grow into an amazing photographer. And I know exactly what his style is. He was shooting me before I got comfortable with the woman I was. Before I realized the camera was another way I can express myself. Before I knew that it was something I loved doing. We always take these kinds of photos randomly, and yesterday after shooting for Fanm Djanm, we decided to keep going. I asked him what he had in mind. He said he wanted to shoot something soft and sensual. So I started thinking…

What is sensuality exactly?

Is it when I close my eyes or tilt my head back?

Or when I stare straight ahead and tell stories with my eyes?

Is it the way I move my hands over my body?

Or when I let them hang loose at my sides and let you imagine what will happen next?

Is it confidence and trust with a mix of sexiness?

Or is it youth and madness?

Is it event real?

Or is it all a silly dream?

Is it even important?

What’s the point of sensuality?

I think it’s whatever you feel at that time when there’s passion clinging to your pores.

I don’t think it always comes with sex, but it is implied.

I think it is pleasure and strength in a romantic way.

I find many things sensual.

Like fresh rain drops on colorful flowers.

Or the way the rays of the sun peaks from under dark clouds.

Sensuality is important, and it comes in many forms.

Sensuality is whatever you want it be. Really.

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  1. lize Okoh
    July 22, 2014 at 2:27 pm (2 years ago)

    Lovely post. You definitely modelled sensuality :)


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