What I wore to… A surprise birthday party in Midtown

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This past weekend, I attended a co-worker’s surprise birthday party. It was held at the Refinery Hotel’s rooftop, and I was surrounded by fabulous ladies who all came out to celebrate. It was so much easier to get dressed that night because I’ve been eyeing a particular dress in my closet this whole past week.

The dress is not only pretty, but the story of how I got it is pretty hilarious. Well, it’s funny to me, but probably won’t be as entertaining to you. Long story short, my friend Abby really liked a hat I was selling at the Sunset Closet Sale event I hosted, and she offered me THAT dress for it. Clearly, I’m not crazy so I immediately accepted the offer. It’s kind of insane because I didn’t try it on then since I know that we wear similar sizes. When I put it on that night, it felt like the dress was measured around by body. It held all the right parts and flowed so beautifully. I received so many compliments. So thank you Abby for the awesome swap!

I decided to go all mint. I almost never match so I changed the game a bit that night. I looked at my mint shoes I haven’t worn over a year, and thought, “Why not?” I also found a turban with the same color palette and went for it. I love getting all dressed up with head wraps. I just feel so regal walking around in one.

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  1. wllw
    September 3, 2013 at 6:01 am (2 years ago)

    I really like the way you look in turbans 😉


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