Retro Pao

 I’m not really sure if you’ve noticed, but I have an obsession with vintage clothing. It’s really hard to describe my style because it varies so much depending on my mood. But if one had to ask, I would say it is a combination of classic, vintage, afrocentric, and just plain ol’ comfortable. I hardly ever […]


Early fall work attire

I just want to be clear that I’m not always prancing around, leaping, jumping, and hula hooping in New York City. To support my weird hobbies and somewhat productive lifestyle, I actually have a full-time job. Surprise! My style at work varies because it’s a moderately laid-back environment. It’s not corporate so I can include […]


Dress up for work

I keep it simple for work. I tend to stray away from trends and shop classic pieces for my professional life. I do a lot of my work-shopping online on discounted website like ideeli.com. They always have great collections of designers (Calvin Klein, Ellen Tracy, etc) with good quality at my price range. I also visit […]

Coral for work

It was so beautiful and sunny last Friday, I wore my favorite spring color to match my mood, Coral! I know it’s my color because it compliments all shades of brown skin so perfectly. It’s girly and fun, and who doesn’t like that combination? I get lots of compliments for this dress, but it was only […]

Lunch in Bryant Park

Summer’s ending.  The days are slowly but surely getting shorter.  The subtle morning breeze mocks me and reminds me that fall is near. Being a sunshine child, born and raised in Haiti, I’m dreading the days I have to layer up. I do enjoy the nice fall jackets, and boots, but they only represent the […]


Working in a modern and trendy hotel smack in the middle of New York City means I have to care about what I wear. The hotel welcomes visitors from all over the world who are intrigued by the fashion, arts, and different cultures that make the city truly special. My job does not have a […]