Style post: Little white lace dress

This little white dress is a summer favorite. It’s light, simple, and makes any outfit look cute and feminine. Since I’m trying to squeeze every summer day out as possible, unlike many stylish New Yorkers, I will continue to wear summer colors and sandals until it actually feels like fall. And I’m talking about low […]


Style post: boyfriend jeans chaos

My favorite outfits are when I don’t think much about what I’m going to wear as I’m getting dressed. I pull out the first piece, put it on, then put on the next without considering anything about coordination. I usually end up with a look that incorporates a bunch of different things that most people […]


Some California fun

This was my second time in California, and I had so much fun! Despite the traffic and the amount of time we spent in the car going from place to place, it was a nice little vacation. My boyfriend and I went for a wedding, but we made the trip into a five day weekend […]


Dress up for work

I keep it simple for work. I tend to stray away from trends and shop classic pieces for my professional life. I do a lot of my work-shopping online on discounted website like ideeli.com. They always have great collections of designers (Calvin Klein, Ellen Tracy, etc) with good quality at my price range. I also visit […]

la playa

A fun, activity-filled day at the beach with new friends is what everyone needs in the summer. I jumped on the LIRR from Penn Station to Long Beach to meet up with a group of athletes, which after that, I’m definitely inspired to get back to working out. For me it’s always an off-and-on thing, and […]


Mafrika Music Festival 2012

Afros, dreadlocks, short cuts, bantu knots, and colorful, majestic African head gears graced the dance floor at the Mafrika Music Festival on Sunday, June 24th at Marcus Garvey Park. Beautiful kids held hands, and danced naturally to the powerful sounds of drums. Many, including myself, swayed with eyes closed and hands up in the air. We […]

Un après-midi d’été

  Simple fun is the best kind of fun. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to grab my heart-shaped sunglasses, some great snacks, and fun games, then persuade my friends to play in the park with me. I live very close to both Central and Morningside Parks, so I always […]


Figment 2012!

Figment is one of my all time favorite NYC events. The two-day event takes place on Governor’s island, and only happens once a year. This was my third time going, and the tradition is to go on the second day. I’ve always been lucky to go with people as energetic and imaginative as me. As […]

A wedding in a mansion

The last wedding Tyler and I attended took place in an historical Mansion overlooking the ocean in Newport, Rhode Island.  The bride was absolutely stunning, and everyone who attended (including myself) wouldn’t stop saying how perfect and beautiful everything was. Right after, we welcomed the new couple in the lobby of the mansion with champagne, […]

Happy Harlem

I was meeting an old colleague from my old days of being a research assistant at Columbia. I walked to the door man, in this case, gatekeeper and said, “I’m meeting a friend here.” The dark-skinned man with an enormous grin replied, “Is it a man? Go get ‘im baby!” That was awkward, considering his job […]

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