Sunday stroll through the High Line

Spring has sprung, and the High Line is alive! I love strolling through the elevated park during the spring and summer seasons. Beautiful flowers and plants add color and life to what a historical freight rail line. Amazing street performers keep passers-by entertained. Great snack vendors make it convenient for visitors to have refreshments. Art-work is […]

red hat, red lips

We know it’s spring, but the cold weather has not completely disappeared. Most days are cloudy, rainy, and/or extremely windy. It’s still safe to layer with a blazer and accessorize with different hats that normally wouldn’t be safe for the hot seasons. I’m actually loving it!  Warm enough to show some legs, but cool enough to layer. I wore […]

Le Chapeau Rouge

Red is my favorite color, and I was told once that I have a head for hats. Not sure exactly what that means, but I don’t mind it since I adore hats. I love hats of all shapes, styles, and colors! Sunday was a fairly easy, relaxing day. After my jog in Central Park and laundry, […]