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The gold blazer

I felt like a Parisian in this outfit. This jumpsuit is one of my ultimate favorite wardrobe pieces. It’s just so classic, and the details are amazing. I normally wear heels with it, but this time, I decided to go with an Afro-French-Ellen-Degeneres look. At least that’s how the blazer and the shoes made me […]


Everything to know about my Havana Twists

My havana twists have been a big hit since I got them done at the end of February. I was so happy of the results I made an instagram video right then to show the world my happiness by doing several hair flips. I’ve been stopped on the street on numerous occasions, and I even […]

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As much as I like bright, feminine and chic clothing, there are times, I’m just not in the mood for it. I love layering in dark and monochrome colors too. Although sometimes, I cheat, and I wear a bright red checkered cape to give everything more life! Because life is fun, you hear? I think […]


Rose print midi

Click on individual photos below for full images.       I packed a body-fitting, rose-print midi dress in my suitcase for my Austin trip just in case the fiancé and I went on a romantic night out. Well, I had a few options for such occasion, but this was the easiest. The dress is […]


Style Post: Thigh high slit dress

I had to take advantage of the beautiful Austin weather yesterday! It felt good to walk around with bare legs. Fiance and I did lots of exploring of South Austin and Downtown Austin. For our dinner reservation, I decided on a simple and romantic inspired look. Because romance can be any day of the year, […]


Style post: Red pants

Red has been my favorite color since I was three years old. My favorite chair was this furry red ottoman I loved to sit on when I was younger. There’s even a photo of me eating my entire birthday cake on it all by myself. All of my private school uniforms were red and white, […]

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2013 Style recap

    2013 was full of surprises! It had lots of ups and downs, but it was a terrific year for me overall, and I am very grateful. My closet shows it because I’ve been very colorful. And to me, color means life! It means happiness. I’ve dabbled with all kinds of prints and colors. […]


Style post: A little emerald green

I received these beautiful earrings from my fiance’s sister for Christmas. They’re stunning and perfect for the holiday season! There are the right choice to lift a black midi dress, and they add the just right amount of zing. I also thought they would go really well with a very deep red lip color. I […]


Style post: From Office to Holiday Party

  It’s the season to be festive! From office to after-work cocktails and holiday parties, who has time to go home and change? I don’t technically work in the “office” most of the day. I’m running all over the place between the two powerhouses I manage, and because I’m always meeting people, I’m always dressed […]

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