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Hair talk: Twist and wrap

It’s the season for super dry hair and scalp, at least in my case. I have extremely dry skin in the late fall/winter months too. I keep that under control with vitamin E or jojoba oils. In the summer, I use coconut oil. I love to use oils on my skin and hair. On my […] Read more…



Recently, I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Maryam Moma, the founder and owner of Yamerra, a natural skin and hair care line. She sent me some products from her line to try a few months ago. Both my hair and skin have fallen in love. The butters and oil blends from the […] Read more…


Finding Faces of NY: Maryam Moma

Maryam Moma is the owner and founder of Yamerra,  a natural, eco-friendly skin and hair care line. The half Nigerian-half Tanzanian beauty has a background in Architecture, and started her company back in 2009. It all started as a hobby for Maryam. She always thought she would follow her mother’s footsteps and become a successful architect. […] Read more…