Saturday Night out in Harlem

My fiance and I decided to meet some friends in Harlem for some drinks and dancing. The couple lives on the Upper West Side and doesn’t go out in Harlem much. We thought the best way to spend our night was to start with perfectly crafted cocktails at 67 Orange, then take a short cab […]


Saturday in Harlem with Negros Americanos

My brothers and extremely talented Hip-Hop duo, Negros Americanos came all the way to Harlem to hang out with me! I was excited to take them around my Harlem for some good, organic fun. We started out in my apartment, then went around my ‘hood to some of my favorite spots within walking distance. I […]


Some California fun

This was my second time in California, and I had so much fun! Despite the traffic and the amount of time we spent in the car going from place to place, it was a nice little vacation. My boyfriend and I went for a wedding, but we made the trip into a five day weekend […]


NYC Adventures: Lower East Side with Sarah

Two fantastic days. One week. Barrels of fun, inspiration, and pure LOVE! I was able to reconnect with one of the first faces I met when I first moved to New York recently. I never know how I lose touch with people, but it happens, but I’m learning to realize that we always reconnect no […]


2013: The year of the sparkles, kisses, and fire!

    It’s 2013! Although many might think of it as the year of the Hamster, it’s really the year of Sparkles. The year where possibilities are endless. The year where the true meaning of  family, success, happiness, health, and love stands. At least according to the note cards I filled out with colorful pencils […]

Quality time

I knew Mother’s Day was going to be epic from the way the day started. I overslept so I knew I was already running late. I got dressed rapidly, barely thinking about what I was going to wear. I grabbed a burgundy sheer dress I purchased for the fall last year from my closet and threw it on. I really […]

red hat, red lips

We know it’s spring, but the cold weather has not completely disappeared. Most days are cloudy, rainy, and/or extremely windy. It’s still safe to layer with a blazer and accessorize with different hats that normally wouldn’t be safe for the hot seasons. I’m actually loving it!  Warm enough to show some legs, but cool enough to layer. I wore […]

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