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Video interview with Fields Magazine

I remember the first time I got on a plane. I was coming to America. My hair was gelled down, slick to my scalp. I had on wide-legged Jordache jeans, a white top, and denim vest jacket. It was my favorite outfit at that time, and I wanted to look cool my first day in […] Read more…

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TV Interview with What’s Eating Harlem

A few months ago, I hosted a pop up shop in Harlem, and was thrilled to have What’s Eating Harlem feature my style along with my company. I missed the night the interview aired on PBS’ NYC Life Channel, but I’m glad it’s available on YouTube! The turnout of the pop up was wonderful, and […] Read more…


Finding Faces of NY: Maryam Moma

Maryam Moma is the owner and founder of Yamerra,  a natural, eco-friendly skin and hair care line. The half Nigerian-half Tanzanian beauty has a background in Architecture, and started her company back in 2009. It all started as a hobby for Maryam. She always thought she would follow her mother’s footsteps and become a successful architect. […] Read more…