A weekend in Philly

Tyler and I left NYC in the worst weather imaginable Friday night. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but it really was terrible. We were caught in the storm without umbrellas carrying champagne, a suitcase and giant backpack.  That didn’t keep us from jumping on the bus to meet our friends in Philly. Congratulatory […]


Never ending brunch in Harlem

There’s something special about Sunday brunch. Sitting with a group of friends, laughing, talking passionately about world issues, eating and of course, drinking. We had a fantastic brunch yesterday at 5 And Diamond in Harlem. I ordered pancakes with fried chicken and it was divine. The chicken was perfectly crisp on the outside and moist […]


Before Summer Ends

  As much as I hate it, summer is gone. I can feel the laziness slowly building up. It’s all a mind game, so instead of being depressed, I try to become more active in the cold months. If I don’t, things get ugly. I’m talking about “lying around in thick wool socks and oversized […]


An elaborate tea party

Somehow the universe brought me the most delightful of friends. I say all the time how lucky I am to be surrounded by the beautiful people who are a part of my life, and this just proves it. My friends secretly planned an elaborate tea party over the course of two months just for me! […]


Fireworks in Hell’s Kitchen

  My Fourth of July celebrations weren’t much different from most New Yorkers’. In fact, my plans were rather last-minute. I had planned to work the entire night, but it turned out that I made it to my good friend’s house party in Hell’s Kitchen after all. Walking from the subway station on 50th street […]


A weekend by the lake in New Hampshire

A little weekend getaway in the woods is just what every New Yorker everyone needs. My boyfriend and I drove up to New London, NH recently for a family weekend and to celebrate a few wonderful events and accomplishments. We stayed at a country inn by Pleasant Lake, and it was just what I needed. The lake was […]


Abby’s intimate birthday

A cold rainy storm ruined the big rooftop extravaganza we had planned for Abby’s birthday. We were ready to repeat last year’s fun fest when mother nature defied us once again. After much consideration, Abby didnt cancel the party, but decided to have something much more intimate with fewer friends. So, I smacked on my […]


Yummy foods at Smorgasburg

Last Sunday, after a horrible week of cold and rainy weather, the sun came out just enough to encourage my boyfriend and I to head down to Brooklyn to check out Smorgasburg. I first heard about the open food market from an old co-worker. New York City has a plethora of great dining options that […]


Picnic in Central Park

It’s spring time in New York City! Finally, we can frolic with our friends with no worries. Well, no worries of freezing to death is what I mean. We also have the freedom to wear less, yes! Less! Shorts, tanks, sandals, dresses… Should I keep going? It’s also picnic, rooftop party, and street festival time! […]

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