Finding Harlem Street Style: Kristia

It’s been spring for a week now, but it’s still winter. Seriously, the wind almost knocked me down the other day, and you could only imagine how I’m feeling. If the weather was a human being and cared about my emotions, I would give her the biggest side eye right now. Anyway, I met up […]


Finding Harlem Street Style: Naila

The weather is warming up, at least that’s what it wants us think, and beautiful Harlem ladies are coming out looking as pretty and colorful as ever. Bright sweaters and big hair are never a bad combination. This week’s feature on “Finding Harlem Street Style” is a personal friend of mine. She’s as bubbly and […]

1-Finding Paola (1 of 17)

My African Hat

One of my current favorite accessories is my African hat purchased at the African market in Harlem. What I love about shopping at open markets is not mostly what I find, but how I find them. I love my interaction with the merchants. They’re all sweet people full of life. They’re creative, funny, and they […]

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Fringe by the Hudson

New York City parks are really something special. Some make you feel like you’re completely away from the city, while others make you feel like you’re right in the middle of it. I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy strolling Riverside Park while looking at the Hudson. Sunny days always make me appreciate things more, but […]


Weekend casual with a t-shirt

  T-shirts with a good message always get me. I love the t-shirt look, but I don’t wear it very often. The reason is that I own so many dresses and dressy blouses. And believe it or not, dresses are easier for me than jeans and t-shirts, even on casual days. I also understand that […]


Rose print midi

Click on individual photos below for full images.       I packed a body-fitting, rose-print midi dress in my suitcase for my Austin trip just in case the fiancé and I went on a romantic night out. Well, I had a few options for such occasion, but this was the easiest. The dress is […]


Printed mini

  Austin’s weather for the past few days has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve been keeping active with the fiancé, and one of my favorite things to do around these parts is to stroll South Austin on a beautiful day like that one. I love the open market, the great restaurants and food trucks, […]


Style post: Red pants

Red has been my favorite color since I was three years old. My favorite chair was this furry red ottoman I loved to sit on when I was younger. There’s even a photo of me eating my entire birthday cake on it all by myself. All of my private school uniforms were red and white, […]

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2013 Style recap

    2013 was full of surprises! It had lots of ups and downs, but it was a terrific year for me overall, and I am very grateful. My closet shows it because I’ve been very colorful. And to me, color means life! It means happiness. I’ve dabbled with all kinds of prints and colors. […]

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