Family, ring, champagne, and balloons

These are some celebration photos already posted in instagram. Tyler’s sister, brother and wife all drove up from Boston to surprise us. We had a great celebratory lunch in Norwich Inn (all planned by my future mother-in-law) after our return from the great trip (which you’ll read a lot about by the way!). Tyler’s sister […]


A weekend by the lake in New Hampshire

A little weekend getaway in the woods is just what every New Yorker everyone needs. My boyfriend and I drove up to New London, NH recently for a family weekend and to celebrate a few wonderful events and accomplishments. We stayed at a country inn by Pleasant Lake, and it was just what I needed. The lake was […]


It’s Christmas time in the city…

What happens when no one in your family has Christmas spirit? You bring the Christmas spirit to them! 1- Play Santa. Everybody loves gifts…even those who pretend not to. (Ahem… dad?) 2- Play Christmas Carols. 3- Be jolly. Laughing is contagious. I visited my family in New Jersey on Christmas Eve to celebrate the holiday […]


Pass the loving, please

  Wednesday evening, traveling between NYC to New Jersey was chaos. On the busiest travel days of the year, Penn Station was shut down, which led a large number of the commuters to Port Authority as an alternative way of getting home for the holidays. After a very frustrating wait to get my bus ticket […]


Family meal and quality time

The weekend Tyler and I went to Boston to visit his brother and sister-in-law, we decided to dedicate one night to home-cooking. This means, Tyler does all of the cooking. Keith airs out the apartment when it got too smoky. And I sit with Anita with our legs up basking in the apartment’s amenities, covered […]


Style post: Knits for the Perfect Fall Day

What happens when the lovely weather fairy blesses you with a beautiful fall day? You take full advantage of it, that what! Last Sunday was not only sunny, it was warm enough to go outside without a coat. Everything was so colorful and vibrant. I wore an outfit that matched the picturesque fall foliage to […]


Double birthday weekend in Boston

Today is my wonderful boyfriend’s birthday! To begin the celebrations, we hopped on a bus to Boston to stay with his brother Keith and wife Anita for a weekend filled with great food and fun times. It turns out that Anita’s birthday falls one day after Tyler’s so we had all the reasons to drink […]

09-fall 2012

bright fall days

I love me a good sunny fall day. A day warm enough I can wear layers, but still go outside without having to wearing leggings or pants. That day was not that day. Yes, it was extremely bright and sunny, but once I got on the roof, after two minutes, I was forced to run […]


A day with my mother

Meet my mother. She’s like the sister I’ve never had. I love when she visits me in my New York. I get to take her to all of my favorite places or places I read great things about. After brunch in the West Village and some shopping one Saturday, we decided to go relax by […]

Quality time

I knew Mother’s Day was going to be epic from the way the day started. I overslept so I knew I was already running late. I got dressed rapidly, barely thinking about what I was going to wear. I grabbed a burgundy sheer dress I purchased for the fall last year from my closet and threw it on. I really […]