Travel Files: Puerto Rico in May

I stayed in a small boutique hotel just steps away from a beautiful, quiet beach. Acacia Hotel was perfect for my budget during that time, and is conveniently located near plenty of small, trendy boutiques and cute restaurants. My king sized room with a private balcony, over looking the pristine beach, glistened in the sunlight. […]


One Day at Indigo Beach

Haiti has many beautiful beaches. Over the past few years, the country as a whole has been working really hard on making sure the rest of the world is caught up on that fact. Montrouis, a little town located in the Ouest Department, is well known for its beach destinations, which includes Moulin Sur Mer, Club […]


Once upon a time in Haiti

Once upon a time in Haiti, perfect water droplets danced on our van’s windshield as we zoomed past colorful taptaps on the wet, open road. Green mountains greeted us. We were chasing the sun under deep, grey clouds on our way to the beach. We ended up at Club Indigo where eventually, the clouds went […]


Some California fun

This was my second time in California, and I had so much fun! Despite the traffic and the amount of time we spent in the car going from place to place, it was a nice little vacation. My boyfriend and I went for a wedding, but we made the trip into a five day weekend […]

“Dreamers and Seekers”

  “We’re here for the bird watching.” We told the guard at the gate. He looked at us with a suspicious eye, and pointed towards the parking lot. Our car was one of about 9 cars in a lot that can fit hundreds. As we were getting there with our hula hoops, coolers, boom box,  […]