Shopping in Harlem: JB B.O.R.N. Vintage Clothing

Tucked away on one of the busiest streets in Harlem, this chic and stunningly decorated boutique offers a variety of modern and vintage designer goods for the fashionable and thrifty New Yorker. At JB B.O.R.N. (borrowed, old, refurbished, new), each item is carefully selected by the charming and interesting store owner, Jonathan Bodrick. At the entrance, a group of mannequins stand stylishly clad in designer and vintage frocks. Chairs are lined to welcome patrons to relax and try on items of their interest or the boyfriend who would rather read a book (ahem) as his excited girlfriend goes on a rampage to look for the best deal she can find.

This vintage/thrift store features sparkly Louboutin heels, Chanel handbags, and a variety of exquisite fall vintage hats. Fun, funky music comes out from the speakers engaging the customers to party. Whenever I walk in there, I always feel like the only thing missing is wine, and I would be in heaven. Is that bad?

From the website:

B.O.R.N.’s owner, Jonathan Bodrick, has created a compilation of hip and trend setting wearable looks that take from modern man & woman from day to night, work or weekend. High end designers Carlos Falchi, Christian Dior and Chanel can all be found here. While the merchandise is high quality and the clientele beautiful, don’t be mistaken, a shopper’s experience is never an ostentatious one. Bodrick’s clothing is a fusion of the old and new/vintage with modern, for men and women who want the stylistic drama of the past, today.

The boutique and consignment shops of NoLita, the East Village and SoHo have long signified “Koolness” in New York, however, Harlem now has a store that aptly represents the taste of today’s artistic, free-style, intellectual, fashion conscious populace who settled there originally.

The reason I love this store is because not only is everything carefully selected, girls like me can afford to walk in there without having a heart-attack. Nothing breaks my heart more than going to a consignment, vintage or thrift store, and everything is above the $100 range. I get it, it’s “designer”, but I wouldn’t be shopping in a second-hand store if I had the funds to just pay $300 for a skirt, would I?

I love that you can find a great leather skirt there at $40, or a beautiful festive romper for $50. Earlier this year, I walked away with a BCBG MAXAZRIA pair of shoes for just $45. They were having a sale! Did I mention the friendly and stylish men who are always at your service when it comes to either style tips or great stories who work there?

If you’re in Harlem, this store is a must-visit. I even think it’s worth it to travel to. Just make it a Harlem day!

52 W 125th St, NY, NY 10027. Monday thru Saturday 11 am – 7 pm.

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