Rooftop Sunset Closet Sale

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This past Sunday was one of the most fun days I’ve had in NYC this summer. I teamed up with my very fun, stylish, and just adorable friends, Abby and Jessica for a “Shop Our Closet” event. I knew I wanted a party, and I knew I wanted to get rid of some stuff. So, I came up with combining the two. Best of both worlds, right?!

Tyler and I made home-made margarita popsicles, which were amazing! I got the recipe here. I had so much fun meeting some my and Abby’s blog followers. They were all so sweet, and I know our clothes went to good homes. People trickled in and out, but we kept the party going. Honestly, it would’ve been fun just sitting on the roof with these two lovely ladies, sipping on those popsicles all afternoon, but we were so happy people came to show some love and support even during AfroPunk happenings. The event was pretty successful, I got rid of about 30 articles of clothing, which to me was amazing! After 7, we dragged our rack down on the street to mingle with random strangers. A funny French lady got away with one of my favorite little black dresses for just $15. This woman on the phone found three dresses she liked, so she called some friends to tell them all about us, but we were just packing up.

I will definitely do another sidewalk sale soon and skip the roof part! (I just don’t want to do any cleaning up this time.) I’ll invite some friends, bring some music, and have another good time hopefully before summer ends right on the streets! And maybe, just maybe there will be an after party somewhere. What can I say? Your girl loves to party. I work too hard not to!

Also, I will be updating my online closet very soon.

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  1. carmen
    August 30, 2013 at 6:25 pm (3 years ago)

    *BIG sigh* This looks so fun and exciting BUT I MISSED IT!!!! What an extravaganza!!! My daughter, Jean and I were just around the corner but saw your poster too late! This is one time when ‘better late than never’ doesn’t work!! :-(

    I’m enjoying your blog and following. I live near Toronto, Canada and hope you have another sale when we visit NYC again!! I wrote about your beautiful city and will be writing more about our trip to the Big Apple!

    I <3 NY


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