Colorful and Comfortable

Color and comfort are my two of my most favorite things when it comes to fashion and well… pretty much, life! Color because it makes me feel happy, alive, and it makes everything look more beautiful. Comfort because I feel the most confident when I’m comfortable. And let’s face it, we just accomplish a lot […]


Ready for spring

I keep saying that I’m ready for spring, but then again who isn’t? I actually didn’t let the winter bother me as much as it has in previous years. And I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve had the whole “rise and grind” mentality within the past year since I started Fanm Djanm. Running your […]


The Muse of JB b.o.r.n.

The day after I approached Jonathan with my proposal to sell Fanm Djanm at his boutique, he told me he had to speak with me in his office. I followed up up the stairs with a thousand thoughts running through my mind. Finally I (halfway) shouted, “Don’t tell me you’re backing out of the proposal!?” […]


Vintage and Leaf Earrings

It’s a freezing Sunday afternoon in mid February. Marie Pierre Jean-Baptiste has a rendez-vous with her lover. She rushes to their spot near Herald Square, where they held hands for the very first time under the flickering lights of the city that never sleeps. She wore his favorite hat. And she waited with eagerness and […]


Charmed Feathers

It’s amazing to wear something that comes from love, patience, and a beautiful person you’ve met and connected with. I hosted my very first out of state Fanm Djanm event last month. I worked with the kindest people, and it was a pleasure to meet each and every guest. The post from that event is […]


Dear LX

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from young women about career choices. I get to read their dreams, and what they’d like to do. And I very humbled that they share some of their stories with me. Since this has been a recurring thing, I will respond to the ones that start to repeat […]


Black on black on black

I’m not one to wear too much black. But when when I do, I like a nice mixture of texture and excitement. I’ve been in love with this little faux leather high slit pencil skirt I purchased at a local boutique months ago. And whenever I wear it, I try to make it look a […]


All dressed up!

If it’s one thing Abby and I have in common is that we like to dress up. We don’t even need a reason to dress up. Just the idea itself is appealing to us. She brought over these two little dresses she got from H&M and I fell in love. I mean… Just look at […]


Fanm Djanm in Google Ad Campaign

So, I was in a commercial! Sure, I’m only on the screen for about one second, but it is awesome! It’s an ad campaign for a Google Android phone in Japan. The commercial is documentary style where they show the lives of many different creative individuals. My favorite part about the whole thing is that […]


Blazers, headwraps, coffee

If you’ve ever wondered, “What is one thing that would look absolutely chic and unexpected with a headwrap?” The answer is: blazer. I’m actually obsessed with blazers. I have over the amount my closet can hold. Sequined ones, oversized ones, structured ones, vintage ones. You name it. My favorite kinds are the nicely structured ones […]

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