Black on black on black

I’m not one to wear too much black. But when when I do, I like a nice mixture of texture and excitement. I’ve been in love with this little faux leather high slit pencil skirt I purchased at a local boutique months ago. And whenever I wear it, I try to make it look a […]


All dressed up!

If it’s one thing Abby and I have in common is that we like to dress up. We don’t even need a reason to dress up. Just the idea itself is appealing to us. She brought over these two little dresses she got from H&M and I fell in love. I mean… Just look at […]


Fanm Djanm in Google Ad Campaign

So, I was in a commercial! Sure, I’m only on the screen for about one second, but it is awesome! It’s an ad campaign for a Google Android phone in Japan. The commercial is documentary style where they show the lives of many different creative individuals. My favorite part about the whole thing is that […]


Blazers, headwraps, coffee

If you’ve ever wondered, “What is one thing that would look absolutely chic and unexpected with a headwrap?” The answer is: blazer. I’m actually obsessed with blazers. I have over the amount my closet can hold. Sequined ones, oversized ones, structured ones, vintage ones. You name it. My favorite kinds are the nicely structured ones […]


Long and Flowy

I have an obsession with long and flowy dresses and skirts. In my opinion, they are way sexier than clothes that hug the body tightly. There’s something mysterious and magical about a woman in a long, flowy skirt. When the dress acts as a waterfall and moves melodically with each step. You can’t really tell […]


Birthday Brunch with Fola

I first saw Fola in a photograph that went viral on Facebook and Tumblr. At that time, I was still at regular my “9:00-7:00″ so I was not as active online. I didn’t know her name or where she was based, but her fearless presence in the photo kept my attention. I always wondered who […]


Shopping in Harlem: Flamekeepers Hat Club

Smooth jazz playing in the background. A warm and light atmosphere pulls me in. Clean rows and beautiful men’s hats speak to me. It’s the kind of shop that makes a girl take off the vibrant headwraps she swears by to put on a man’s hat. I notice a great variety from leather caps, bowler hats, […]


The perfect silk blouse

If Michelle Obama, sent me an invitation for tea, this is the outfit I would have worn. I would walk up to her with the biggest smile, and I would give her a firm hand shake in my Bien Abye blouse and Fanm Djanm headwrap. Instead, this little number was worn in the beautiful garden […]


Fanm Djanm in Haiti

On Thursday, September 25th, 2014, Le Boudoir de Francoise Elizee, an upscale boutique located in the heart of Petion-Ville opened its doors and welcomed the Fanm Djanm movement. The amount of beautiful, intelligent, and positive Haitian women I met and hugged that rainy night still keeps my heart warm at night. Sometimes, when I think […]


Chic and classic

Bien Abye means “Well Dressed” in Haitian Kreyol. The brand features seven gorgeous, chic, and timeless pieces for its fall/winter 2014 ready to wear collection.  Dayanne Danier, the designer behind Bien Abiye is a powerhouse of a woman! The brand’s philosophy? “To make women look fabulous at all times.” It was difficult to choose which pieces […]

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