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How I met the new face of Fanm Djanm

Faces of Fanm Djanm is a monthly feature on strong women who have interesting stories to share. With that new project, we’re looking to spread positivity, great energy, something new and refreshing, fun personalities, and beauty. We think the Face of Fanm Djanm learns from her past and moves forward with a positive attitude on […]


My Outfit to Makeda’s Art Exhibit

I was thrilled to attend Makeda‘s art exhibit in Chelsea this past Thursday. After a fun-filled day of cooking with Nadege and shooting the new face of Fanm Djanm for June, I was ready for some amazing art and champagne. I met the artist at Gessica’s “Vizaj Nou” documentary premier a few weeks back, and […]


I am Queen

Be The Queen You Were Born To Be: Paola I am queen because I am woman I walk with my head held high I carry emotional loads I smile to ease the pain And I dance to the moonlight I am queen because I am woman My body brings great joy My nakedness is controversial […]


Gessica and I love Emeline Michel

I will never ever (ever ever ever!) get tired of a live Emeline Michel performance. The woman is grace, power, charm, femininity, simplicity, complexity, confidence, and passion all in one body. If she gets on stage, and decides for some reason to stand still the whole time, and all she does is hum for three […]


James Germain at Lincoln Center

It was my first time watching James Germain live. I stumbled into the room in the middle of his performance, and I was drawn immediately. He had the audience at the palm of his hands. Our eyes moved wherever he went. We smiled at his brilliant personality, and laughed at his charming jokes. His powerful […]


Sunshine loving in Meatpacking

New York City has introduced me to some of the most beautiful and interesting people from around the world. Layla and I met about four or five years ago at a nightclub. I still remember every detail of our encounter. She came out of the blue with her British accent and said, “We’re friends now, […]


Memorial Day Fun in Harlem

Marybeth always knows how to host a party. We spent the whole day together on Saturday visiting Abby in Philly, and that’s when she told us about her BBQ. I remember how excited she got when we saw sparklers at the supermarket as we were shopping for groceries to cook dinner. We reunited again yesterday […]


A weekend in Philly

Tyler and I left NYC in the worst weather imaginable Friday night. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but it really was terrible. We were caught in the storm without umbrellas carrying champagne, a suitcase and giant backpack.  That didn’t keep us from jumping on the bus to meet our friends in Philly. Congratulatory […]


Urban Garden in Harlem Makes Me Happy

You know what I absolutely love? When I’m walking somewhere (perhaps to meet someone), and I come across pretty things or a place that make my heart flutter. Of course when I find these things or that place,  I get lost in them. Then, I run late and blame my tardiness on my curiosity and […]

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