1-DSC_02189-feb 2013-004Two fantastic days. One week. Barrels of fun, inspiration, and pure LOVE! I was able to reconnect with one of the first faces I met when I first moved to New York recently. I never know how I lose touch with people, but it happens, but I’m learning to realize that we always reconnect no matter how slim the chances.

I spent an amazing Wednesday night with Sarah at her job in the Lower East Side right at the end of Fashion Week. I went to see her thinking I would sit at a bar, and we would chat about life as she served me a good cold beer. That didn’t happen. It turned out that she worked in a lounge/club. So, what ended up happening you say? Naturally, I had a dance party all by myself and had a few people join in on the fun. Then Sarah and I left for more Lower East Side adventures that ended up in planning a business project and an impromptu 3AM photoshoot. Don’t ask!

On Sunday in that same week, we cleaned up real nice to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. Dinner was held at La Villette, a cute brasserie in Greenwich Village, but we ended  the night back where we started on Wednesday night, Lower East Side. The night took us back to Lil’ Charlie’s where we danced, danced, and danced until it was time to go home. Good thing it was a holiday weekend.
Wednesday fun times
4-feb 2013-001

3-feb 20132

Sunday fun times 1-DSC_0561 4-DSC_0589   1-DSC_0573 2-DSC_0586 2-DSC_0583 3-DSC_0584 7-feb 2013-002 5-DSC_0597 8-feb 2013-003 6-DSC_0614


  1. MJ

    Beautiful! I love your friend’s headband and draped fur!


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