NYC adventures: Blizzard dance party

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 The weather outside looked frightful. Straight up terrifying, but I was intrigued. I grabbed my camera, and went on a stroll through Central Park. I passed lovers making out under an arch because well… making out under an arch in Central Park in a snow storm is down right romantic. I passed kids attempting and failing at sledding.  Silly kids couldn’t wait for the next day, they were eager to slide down hills on their sleds and cardboard boxes. I passed by a little girl hugging her brand new snow man she made. I watched the ducks floating at the pool in Central Park, and stayed out as long as my toes inside my nicely insulated boots could handle the cold. Then I walked over to Whole Foods for some cheap wine.

While there, I had the most cleaver idea of making hot mulled wine! I was going to make it from scratch, but I opted for the easy way out because I saw a bottle that read “mulled wine” right by the register. Done! After I got home, removed my wet boots, and slipped into cozy knits, I warmed up the wine. I took one sip, and it sent a fire storm of energy all over my body and warmed me up instantly. I just had this urge to DANCE! I finished my mug of mulled wine just to give myself some time to see if I still felt the same way and I did. I texted my friend Aissata who was supposed to celebrate her birthday that night and convinced her to come out. But trust me, she didn’t need much convincing. It’s her birthday, and she likes to party. I just didn’t understand why a little snow had to ruin the night’s plans!

We decided the best place to go that night was Shrine in Harlem. You know… the place one goes to if one really wants great World, African, Hip-hop, or Reggae music but doesn’t care much for the “atmosphere”. There’s nothing upscale about it, it’s just a box with cheap drinks where people go to have fun and dance like nobody’s watching. They also have amazingly talented artists who perform live at the venue on selected nights. I love that about Shrine, and for that, it will remain one of my favorite places in NYC.

So I really get into the groove at Shrine, you can tell because my eyes are closed in most of the pictures. That’s usually how I dance anyway. You put good music on, and goodbye world, hello dancing tunes. The mulled wine was working its magic, and so were the margaritas that kept flowing. Going out dancing with me is seriously an adventure in its own because I’m telling you right now… I couldn’t care less about anything if the right music is playing. You’ve already read about my crazy back bends, shimmies and high kicks. Shall I continue? I just love going out and dancing without a care in the world, and I love people who do the same. It turned out to be a fantastic night snow and all.

I absolutely love my friend Aissata. Her energy is so positive, and I always have a great time out with her.

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4 Comments on NYC adventures: Blizzard dance party

  1. jmcvl
    February 10, 2013 at 11:22 am (3 years ago)

    Your photos in this post are gorgeous!! Love the winters scenes

  2. Sechys Diary
    February 10, 2013 at 5:31 am (3 years ago)

    Awesome post!! Love this :)

  3. sherlljourney
    February 9, 2013 at 9:15 pm (3 years ago)

    Also your friend look so much familiar to me. She looks like this young girl who went to acting school with me at SFT ( the New York conservatory of dramatic arts back in 2008-2010) I never really keep touch with people I met through school or work. So even when I see someone I get all confuse like ” I know her/ him from somewhere but can’t quite remember from where though” yup that’s me and my husband criticizes me all the time saying you going to end up with no friends loll anyways, she looks like that girl though. Enjoy!

  4. sherlljourney
    February 9, 2013 at 9:06 pm (3 years ago)

    Nice adventure, oh yeah girl you do know how to have a good time, that is what’s up. By the way have you seen this brutha checking you out. He’s like ” hmmm…dang, she’s fine” lol


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