Saturday in Harlem with Negros Americanos

03-DSC_0445My brothers and extremely talented Hip-Hop duo, Negros Americanos came all the way to Harlem to hang out with me! I was excited to take them around my Harlem for some good, organic fun. We started out in my apartment, then went around my ‘hood to some of my favorite spots within walking distance. I have a place to take just about anyone in Harlem, so the three places I chose for them, I knew they would absolutely love.

The African market was the first stop. It’s colorful just like me and them. My brother Lyle wears a dashiki on the regular, so I know he would love browsing the aisles. They’re also both just as outgoing as I am, so starting conversations with the merchants and people who were visiting would just be part of the fun.

The Cecil  was our second stop for an early dinner. It’s actually very difficult to find people who don’t like the food at The Cecil. From my brothers’ travels in Latin America, I knew they would appreciate the many colorful and flavorful dishes the Afro-Asian-American brasserie had to offer. After I challenged Bishop to break the prawns with me and to eat everything in the shell, his reaction was beyond amusing. I think the proper quote was, “I feel like the flavors are dancing on my taste buds.” I loved it! We also tried the okra fries, collard green salad, beets salad, ginger squids, oxtail dumplings (a must), and the feijoada (one of my favorite dishes). They left very happy men.

We ended our Harlem adventure at Silvana’s for some live music and beer. It turns out they also performed there before, which I’m looking forward to them doing again. We had such a great day together, I was not only talked to leaving the neighborhood, but the entire Manhattan bourough! We ended up at the “Rise Together” Hip-Hop show in Littlefield, Brooklyn. It was a wonderful day spent with some talented, positive, and ambitious dreamers like me.

1-DSC_0494We can be very scary people…

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    • findingpaola
      March 31, 2014 at 12:34 pm (2 years ago)

      Always a pleasure! And come back soon!


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