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Nadege Fleurimond, Haitian-American chef, author, and entrepreneur, hosted her book release party this past Monday, December 2, 2012. The charismatic lady entertained the large room with reading direct chapters from her book, and improvising jokes about her lifestyle and friends. Glancing back, the (mostly Haitian) after-work crowd filled up Bubble Lounge, a swanky Tribeca Champagne bar, entirely. They were all there to support the lovely Nadege, who was not afraid to make the crowd laugh and encourage everyone to drink and have fun.

Nadege is a Columbia University alumna, who now resides in Brooklyn. She is known as “the” person to go to if you want Haitian food catered to your party. She has made Kassav and Morue fit in the most upscale settings. She is creative and innovative. Her catering company, Fleurimond Catering, is making a name in the industry through cooking parties, catering events, and cooking and etiquette classes.

Nadege’s book shares personal stories that are all connected to food. Recipes are listed with each story. She wanted to do something differently from just a regular cookbook, and introduced food as the main interaction piece in each story and relationship she listed in the book. Whether it’s with a lover or a friend or family, no matter the situation, food is always present. The recipes listed in the book are not all Haitian dishes. She selected an array of international dishes corresponding with each chapter depending on who the chapter is about.

The evening continued with the crowd mingling with each other. Everyone seemed to have gotten a book or two for family and friends. Standing in line to get my book signed after listening to some of the stories that she graciously read to the room, I spoke to some of the other attendees. The professional crowd seems to either know her personally or know someone who speaks greatly of her work. Another Columbia alumna stood in line, excited to meet her since they never crossed paths in school. A Haitian nurse, dedicated fan of Nadege, came directly in her scrubs to meet and support the event. It was then I realized that the Haitian community could be extremely supportive to one another. I felt a moment of pride to be present, and watching a fellow Haitian bringing her dreams to life. Kenbe la.

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  1. Nadege
    December 13, 2012 at 7:16 pm (3 years ago)

    awwwww…This was so amazingly and beautifully written. Thank you Paola for being part of my special night! Looking forward to sharing more writing and food moments with you!


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