My dream tea party

1-celebrity tea party1

1-celebrity tea party

My friends know how much I love tea parties. They’ve made fun of me for that, but my favorite women planned a surprise, elaborate tea party last year for me, and that was one of my favorite times ever. I don’t love tea parties because I love tea. Actually, I don’t care much for it. I love them because they’re beautiful. I love the idea of dressing up for tea and macarons, and other sweet treats. I anticipate great conversations from them. And tea parties, though simple in thought, could be sophisticated and almost magical. Another thing I really love is the idea of women having a great time together.

If I were to plan my dream tea party, these are the women I would invite in addition of those who were at my last one:

1. Grace Jones


She is an icon. No one can imitate her. Some have tried, but it’s nearly impossible. She has been my favorite model/entertainer since I first laid eyes on her. Everything about her is beautiful. Her strong looks and matching personality. Her confidence and personal story. I mean, I saw her in concert two Halloweens ago and she was on stage wearing a thong leotard. A woman over 60 years old performing in a thong leotard, and she just looked amazing! She’s a true performer. She cussed like a sailor at the light designers, but that was alright too because she is Grace Jones. Last but not least, she loves to hula hoop just like me. I picture her receiving my invitation, and saying, “A tea party? I don’t do fucking tea parties.” Maybe my invitation to her would read, “You’re invited to a fucking tea party. And without you, it would just be a ‘tea party’. ”

2. Ellen Degeneres

08-ellen-degeneres-profileI’m not sure why, but I have a soft spot for Ellen. She’s my favorite talk show personality. I think it’s because she’s so natural and funny with all situations that come at her. She’s also extremely intelligent in how she interviews her guests both famous and ordinary Joes like me. She always make me laugh! She appears to be genuinely sweet. To me, most talk show hosts appear to try too hard, but not Ellen. Although I don’t own a TV, I keep up with her through YouTube videos. I also respect all of the causes she supports. I love the loving relation she has with her wife. And I love that she challenged Michelle Obama to a push-up contest. Oh, and she also loves to dance! I would ask Ellen about her favorite place in the world, and what makes her truly happy.

3. Michelle Obama


I imagine Michelle Obama would be a great person to invite to any tea parties because she will bring fruits. And maybe around her, I won’t eat too many macaroons or try to add Whiskey in my cup o’ tea. We would talk about what running a household and being a superwoman is like because that’s just what I intend to do in the future. We would also hula hoop, and Grace Jones would join us while the rest of our guests laugh. I love Michelle’s style and grace. Her sense of humor in her position is also something to admire. She seems strong, stern, but still a little fun. Oh, and those arms. I wouldn’t challenge her to a push-up competition, but I would admire them up close.

4. Malala Yousafzaif

09-Malala-Yousafzai-Book-Cover-2365134“All I want is an education, and I am afraid of no one.” -Malala

I would invite Malala just to hug her. Is that weird? I would thank her for her brave heart and big difference she’s made in the world. The work she had done did not only help little Pakistani girls, but women around the world to stand up for what’s right. I suppose she would bring some color, innocence, and a different kind of maturity to the table. I wonder if she would even try hula hooping. I’d try to get her to try it though. I like to see her smile in interviews, but her eyes are what I look at the most because they say a lot about who she is. She’s just a fascinating young woman.  Maybe I’d challenge her to a staring contest. I’m not sure if I would ask her anything about the work she’s done. I would just want her to be at my tea party because she’s amazing. I’d like to listen to her tell a joke or something. We would probably talk about our favorite foods, and maybe even the weather.

5. Danai Gurira

06-danai-gurira-elle-s-19th-annual-women-02Danai plays my current favorite woman character on television. If I were an amazing actress, Michonne is the kind of role I would love to play. Her strength in the character she plays shines through, and you can really see that she’s just as strong personally.  She’s a badass both in and out of the show. I enjoy her smile because most of the time, she just looks so tough. There’s  always a little mystery behind it. I love her haircut, and the dreads also fit her just fine. She is just beautiful. At my tea party, I imagine her wearing a white, yellow, or aqua dress. I imagine that she’s very sweet in person. I would ask her what she thinks about when she’s in character, and her favorite memories from childhood. I’d also ask her to do something random like the Macarena. Everyone knows how to do the Macarena.

6. Ayo


This woman’s smile is infectious.  Her name is Joy, and she uses the Yoruba version of the name, “Ayo”. I may call my daughter that. Isn’t it beautiful? Her voice and music bring me joy. I listen to “Life is Real” almost daily. The words to that song awake something in me– I can relate to it in so many ways. I enjoy watching her too. There’s something so humble about her. I love her style and headwraps. Maybe Grace, Michelle, Malala, and I would hula hoop to her guitar. That could be fun. I would ask her about love.

7. Janelle Monae

04-janelle-monae-clive-davis-and-the-recording-academy-s-2013-pre-grammy-gala-01 I would invite Janelle because I love women who go against the norm. Her suits, shoes, and hair are always something I look forward to seeing. Her “uniform” as she calls it has made her a style icon in my book. Although I love color, no one does the whole “black and white” look better than she does. I’m also interested to see what her “tea party” look would be like. I’m addicted to a few of her songs. I can really let go to them where I move my body not really caring what it does. That’s powerful, I think. To make something that brings this kind of reaction to total strangers. I think she’s very underrated. I would ask her about the craziest time she’s ever had.

8. Gessica Geneus

05-369899_3Haiti’s best female actress and dear friend, Gessica Geneus, would be invited to this tea party. I think she deserves to meet, drink tea, and laugh with these women I admire so dearly. I have met and spent time with Gessica, and she would fit in just right. I would love to see Gessica on all talk shows around the world, inspiring women on a grander scale. She has everything that it takes to be an icon. I’ve already made her try vintage hats with me and dragged her through the Harlem streets the very first day we met. Her laughter is contagious. She’s extremely humble, but confident. And she’s a dreamer, like me. I would imagine her sitting there, listening to everything with great desire, and asking the most interesting questions.

9. Lupita Nyong’o

02-Lupita-Nyongo-1-768Who doesn’t love this flawless beauty? No one! She got my attention from the very first time I saw a photo of her. Her style is absolutely to die for. Her dreamy complexion and toned body makes everything look good. She’s also tempting me to cut my hair again. I love how feminine she is, but you can still feel her strength. She just glows whenever I see her, and that makes me happy. She doesn’t need much to make her look beautiful, her smile is really all she needs. I would hug her as well. I imagine she’s a good hugger. I doubt she would hula hoop with me and Michelle, but I could see them having an intimate conversation on the side and just laughing about being amazing women.

Who would your dream tea party include? And it doesn’t have to be a tea party! It could be whatever type of event you want it to be.


  1. Gessica Geneus

    J’ai lu l’article My LOV… i would LOV to be there TO TALK WITH THOSE AMAZING SOULs … Pour apprendre de ces femmes merveilleuse… merci deja de me permettre d’etre pres d’elle et peut etre qu’un jour je dis bien peut etre.. je pourrai les ressembler un peu… LOV U

    1. findingpaola

      LOVE YOU MORE! You’ll fit right with them. You’re amazing!

  2. dar

    paopla my haitain sister would def be at my tea party


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