Makeup Corner: A little color in the winter

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I’m all for color in the winter, but I don’t just stop in my choice of clothing or accessories. Sometimes, a bright pink matte lip color helps too, or some fun eye-grabbing blue nail color. I went to Sephora the other day for my facial moisturizer and a top coat. Somehow, I landed on this Formual X section of the store, and I got a whole kit that promised “shiny nail-salon” nails. And naturally, every girl wants “shiny nail-salon” nails so I was sold. I purchased my kit for about $32, which included, a nail cleanser (whatever that is), a base coat, a top coat, and the color of preference. That sounded like a great deal to me! I told myself if it worked, I’d go back for more colors. And it did, which it’s why the whole kit is in my current faves. My nails are just as shiny as they were six days ago when I first painted them with no chip. Someone actually asked me if I had gels on my nails! What?!

The second thing I’m loving is this Stila “all day long” liquid lipstick. I’m a huge fan of matte bright lips, and I got the answer to my prayers with this one. It goes on like and liquid and dries up into the perfect matte lip. And as a bonus, when I kiss the fiance, I don’t leave any trace. My local Sephora is sold out of the “fiery” red color, and now, I’m on the hunt for one.

Nail Color: High Frequency by Formula X

Lip Color: Aria by Stila

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  1. whatwewear
    December 13, 2013 at 7:07 am (2 years ago)

    love your lipstick and nail colors, the perfect bright colors!
    xx Vera & Rony


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