Fanm Djanm Summer Rooftop Party

1-DSC_0506-001Three months went by since I launched Fanm Djanm! Three whole months of sleeplessness, excitement, anxiety, passion, and love. It seriously feels like a few years have gone by already. I’m loving everything about it. Each time I get a new customer, I check what part of the country or the world s/he comes from, and I jump with joy. And when I can’t jump with joy, I do a little happy dance in my head.

Fanm Djanm is not about the money to me. It’s not about owning a company that specializes in headwraps. It’s not just about colors, fashion, or material things. To me it’s a dream. It’s a movement. It tells the true tale of a girl who was always lost in her thoughts, born in the poorest country in the western hemisphere putting herself out to the world so she can live her dreams. It shares stories of women from all all walks of life who unite through one thing–  strength.  I didn’t know this is what I was going to be doing last year when I helped open two restaurants in the city. I didn’t know that’s what I was going to be doing when I graduated college with a degree in Economics and French literature. I certainly didn’t know what Fanm Djanm would even be, but I knew it was my next project.

I wrote the name down years ago, and I thought it was going to be poem or a video like (Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti) I’d make. And then one night, at three am, everything clicked. I had absolutely no desire to work in another office that didn’t belong to me. I made the decision, and it changed my life. It’s so early to start preaching, but I’ve never been happier. For once, I’m not working to please someone else, I’m working to please myself. And maybe that’s why it’s so difficult because I’m extremely hard on myself. I want to put out and sell products that make women feel good about themselves. And I want to put the personal touches because I want everyone to feel special. There’s still so much I’m learning, but I know one thing, I’m excited. Sometimes, I’m terrified, and downright anxious, but I just keep on pushing.

I was happy to celebrate something that means so much to me with some of my closest friends and family this past Saturday. I’m glad it happened around my mom’s birthday because she is the main inspiration behind Fanm Djanm. I remember when I thought she was weak because of some choices she has made when I was younger. And now, I look at her with the greatest admiration. The things I thought were weaknesses were strengths hidden behind confusion and sometimes, fear. I’m happy to share a part of my story with you. And I’m excited to see how far Fanm Djanm goes. Until then, enjoy the photos… 

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  1. Kay
    July 15, 2014 at 12:53 am (2 years ago)

    gorgeous! x


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