Everything to know about my Havana Twists

My havana twists have been a big hit since I got them done at the end of February. I was so happy of the results I made an instagram video right then to show the world my happiness by doing several hair flips. I’ve been stopped on the street on numerous occasions, and I even get personal messages about where I got them done. I thought it was only fair to make this post because the hair surely gets the attention it deserves! Below, I will answer to a list of questions I get asked often, and I hope this helps.

Q: Where did you get your hair done?
A: Oumou Hair Design braiding salon in Harlem on 116th and Lennox.

Q: How long did they take?
A: More or less three hours.

Q: Are they heavy?
A: Absolutely not. They’re so light, I flip my hair way too much when I’m dancing.

Q: Did they hurt?
A: Nope! But also Oumou knows I’m a big baby, and I start screaming as soon as she pulls even a little. She listens to my needs, and doesn’t argue with me when it comes to tightness.

Q: Do you prep your hair before braiding?
A: Always. It’s just easier for both you and the stylist. After I wash my hair, I apply a large amount of leave-in and oil, then I part my hair in four sections. Then, I twist these four sections to retain the moisture. I usually go with my hair even a little damp because it’s easier to comb since my hair is the kinkiest of them all.

Q: How many packs of hair did you use?
A: About 10 packs. Yes, these twists require lots of hair, and the longer you want it, the more packs you should use.

Q: What kind of hair did you use?
A: It was a marley braiding hair from the beauty supply store right across the street from the braiding salon. I’m not sure of the brand, but they only have one kind.

Q: How do you maintain it?
A: There’s not really much to do to maintain the style. I got them done February 26, and I’m removing them this week because it’s time to wash my actual hair. It still looks so good, I want to keep it for another week. I also mostly never tie it up at night, but you probably should. I like it when it looks a little messy because it looks more naturally. You will notice a lot of freeze from the individual brands, but I think it looks fine. You can tame them by spraying water, and applying your normal hair products, and tying them down briefly. I love applying my Kreyol Essence Pomad Kreyol on the scalp and around the edges.

Q: Will you get them done again?
A: UM, ABSOLUTELY YES! My hair will stay between these twists, bantu knots, and my afro for the months to come. I just love them!

I hope I answered all of the questions. But if I missed anything, feel free to comment below because others are probably the same thing you are. And I know you love me and respect my time. Thanks for reading!




3 Comments on Everything to know about my Havana Twists

  1. Anonymous
    April 22, 2014 at 11:59 am (5 months ago)

    how much did they cost?

  2. Nika
    April 1, 2014 at 2:22 pm (6 months ago)

    I love your twists, they are beautiful. I will be getting havana twists or senegalese twists soons.

  3. Charlaune
    March 31, 2014 at 2:23 pm (6 months ago)

    I just want to say Thank you and I really love this hairstyle Paola. this hairstyle inspire me so much and as embarrass and creepy as this sound but I stole one of your picture from Facebook with that same hairstyle and store it on my phone just to look at it from time to time, hope you don’t mind but this style is really stunning and you wear it very well.


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