A weekend in Philly

Tyler and I left NYC in the worst weather imaginable Friday night. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but it really was terrible. We were caught in the storm without umbrellas carrying champagne, a suitcase and giant backpack.  That didn’t keep us from jumping on the bus to meet our friends in Philly. Congratulatory […]


Travel files: Austin, TX

Well done, Austin. Well done. I agreed to visit my fiancé in Austin during his two-month work trip, but I wasn’t at all very excited. Well, I was excited to see him of course, but not very excited about the trip. I kept wishing his work sent him somewhere cool and romantic like Paris, or […]


What I wore to… A wedding in Chicago

We attended a beautiful wedding in Chicago with lots of twinkly lights, a gorgeous bride, and equally beautiful bridesmaids. The ladies (wedding guests) had flat sandals waiting for them in a basket in case their feet got too tired from dancing too much. There were sparklers for the send off, a log book, and small […]


A weekend in Chicago

I went to Chicago for the very first time 3 weekends ago and had a fantastic time. Tyler and I attended a wedding, and since he was in the wedding party, I had time to explore the city on my own a little. People were very friendly. We stayed at a cute little boutique hotel […]


He proposed!

      We met in Madison, NJ almost 8 years ago, and we started dating almost immediately. Last week, during our five-day hiking adventure in the White Mountains, he proposed on top of Mount Madison. We reached the peak (5366 feet in the air) at 3:57 pm. The skies couldn’t have been clearer, and […]


More California fun!

Days lounging by the pool in the summertime with a good cocktail never gets old. I spent the day with a friend since our significant others were out golfing with the groom of the wedding we attended. It resulted in a day of shopping where we ended up getting matching gold sequined jackets from a […]


Some California fun

This was my second time in California, and I had so much fun! Despite the traffic and the amount of time we spent in the car going from place to place, it was a nice little vacation. My boyfriend and I went for a wedding, but we made the trip into a five day weekend […]


A weekend by the lake in New Hampshire

A little weekend getaway in the woods is just what every New Yorker everyone needs. My boyfriend and I drove up to New London, NH recently for a family weekend and to celebrate a few wonderful events and accomplishments. We stayed at a country inn by Pleasant Lake, and it was just what I needed. The lake was […]

Cliff Walkin’

  I took a long walk around the Cliff Walk with Tyler and his mom during my short stay in Newport. It’s one of those attractions that encourage me to travel within the US. There are so many beautiful things that are just so close I have not yet seen. I’m definitely inspired to explore […]

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