Blue and white stripes and polka dots

C’mon kids, it’s spring! Don’t mind the rain or the chilly wind this week. The sun will be shining again soon so let’s meet in the park! Grab your scooter or bike. Make sure you grab a bouquet of colorful flowers, and we can ride together. We will of course frolic and take full advantage […]


It’s spring!

It’s spring! At least that’s what the weather pretended to be a few days ago. So I pulled out some of my brightest clothes and went for a stroll around Columbia. I wanted to match the spring flowers and sing with the birds. I wanted to smile at strangers and dance with the sun. I […]

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My African Hat

One of my current favorite accessories is my African hat purchased at the African market in Harlem. What I love about shopping at open markets is not mostly what I find, but how I find them. I love my interaction with the merchants. They’re all sweet people full of life. They’re creative, funny, and they […]

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Vintage mini dress

I’ve always felt like I belong in a different time period. Another decade. Another era. Something… I’m not entirely sure what time period that would be though, and maybe that’s why I love vintage things so much. It was a no-brainer to stop by some vintage shops while I was visiting Austin. I found this […]


Style post: Basics

You know what’s always in style? Going through your closet and reusing articles of clothing you’ve owned in a new way. Basics are always worth the investment. I may love silver boots and things that stand out from time to time, but the foundation of a good wardrobe is just the basics. The plain blouses, […]


Style post: Clashing

This outfit was inspired by beautiful sunny fall days. Looking at the tree tops of Central Park from my roof in the fall always gives me a fuzzy feeling. I look at nature’s beautiful work in front of one of the most exciting cities in the world as the backdrop. The blue sky flirts with […]

08-summer 2013-001

Style post: Clean lines

I’m in love with this little simple blue and white dress. I purchased it in a boutique in Harlem a few months ago, and it has been one of this summer’s favorites! It looks so darn cute with just about everything. I’ve worn it with different heels and flats, and it always makes me feel […]

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