It’s spring!

It’s spring! At least that’s what the weather pretended to be a few days ago. So I pulled out some of my brightest clothes and went for a stroll around Columbia. I wanted to match the spring flowers and sing with the birds. I wanted to smile at strangers and dance with the sun. I […]

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The gold blazer

I felt like a Parisian in this outfit. This jumpsuit is one of my ultimate favorite wardrobe pieces. It’s just so classic, and the details are amazing. I normally wear heels with it, but this time, I decided to go with an Afro-French-Ellen-Degeneres look. At least that’s how the blazer and the shoes made me […]

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Meet me on the ferry

I think if you had to plan a rendez-vous with a complete stranger, the ferry would be the perfect place. “Meet me on the 1:30 ferry to Staten Island. I’ll be on the second deck facing east.” That would be an appropriate message to send. Or it would be cool to send that to a […]

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My African Hat

One of my current favorite accessories is my African hat purchased at the African market in Harlem. What I love about shopping at open markets is not mostly what I find, but how I find them. I love my interaction with the merchants. They’re all sweet people full of life. They’re creative, funny, and they […]

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As much as I like bright, feminine and chic clothing, there are times, I’m just not in the mood for it. I love layering in dark and monochrome colors too. Although sometimes, I cheat, and I wear a bright red checkered cape to give everything more life! Because life is fun, you hear? I think […]

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I’m a Sofistafunk girl!

I have teamed up with clothing designer, Arlinda McIntosh of Sofistafunk Skirt Company. The Gathering Skirt collection is for the modern day princess. The woman who can achieve anything in a skirt. The strong, the bold, the feminine, and the free. The one skirt has many possibilities and is so versatile, it was really hard […]

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Vintage mini dress

I’ve always felt like I belong in a different time period. Another decade. Another era. Something… I’m not entirely sure what time period that would be though, and maybe that’s why I love vintage things so much. It was a no-brainer to stop by some vintage shops while I was visiting Austin. I found this […]

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Fringe by the Hudson

New York City parks are really something special. Some make you feel like you’re completely away from the city, while others make you feel like you’re right in the middle of it. I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy strolling Riverside Park while looking at the Hudson. Sunny days always make me appreciate things more, but […]


Weekend casual with a t-shirt

  T-shirts with a good message always get me. I love the t-shirt look, but I don’t wear it very often. The reason is that I own so many dresses and dressy blouses. And believe it or not, dresses are easier for me than jeans and t-shirts, even on casual days. I also understand that […]

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