Everything to know about my Havana Twists

My havana twists have been a big hit since I got them done at the end of February. I was so happy of the results I made an instagram video right then to show the world my happiness by doing several hair flips. I’ve been stopped on the street on numerous occasions, and I even […]


Style post: Red pants

Red has been my favorite color since I was three years old. My favorite chair was this furry red ottoman I loved to sit on when I was younger. There’s even a photo of me eating my entire birthday cake on it all by myself. All of my private school uniforms were red and white, […]


Some life changes

      There are some great changes ahead. I’ve decided to make them, and I’m going for them full force.  I had to lay low for a little bit to put everything into perspective. I’ve been working very hard, but I’m about to start working harder. This time, it won’t be for other people’s […]


Style post: A little emerald green

I received these beautiful earrings from my fiance’s sister for Christmas. They’re stunning and perfect for the holiday season! There are the right choice to lift a black midi dress, and they add the just right amount of zing. I also thought they would go really well with a very deep red lip color. I […]

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Afro styles

Here’s the thing about “4c” hair. The kinkiest of them all. The hardest to keep moisturized at them all. The roughest and toughest of them all. 4c hair with the right products and techniques can be just as fun and versatile as all the other curl patterns and hair textures out there. And no, you […]


10 Makeup tips for a Fanm Kreyol

A Fanm Kreyol is basically a black Haitian woman with African features. Actually, that’s just my definition based on my experiences. I’ve been called a bel fanm kreyol before. It’s the same as being called a beautiful black woman in English. To me, the words “fanm kreyol” mean strength, poise, beauty, and grace. Whatever the real […]


Hair talk: Twist and wrap

It’s the season for super dry hair and scalp, at least in my case. I have extremely dry skin in the late fall/winter months too. I keep that under control with vitamin E or jojoba oils. In the summer, I use coconut oil. I love to use oils on my skin and hair. On my […]


Style post: Silver boots

Silver boots! What a treat. In a season where most people wear black, it’s fun to add a little fun to things. These boots are a classic cut, but they’re silver! They are going to be used and abused when I’m done with them. They’re going to be my basic fall boots. You know the […]


Style Post: Purple Dreams

One thing that gives me life is seeing older women who carry themselves with style and elegance. Whenever I see a woman over the age of 70 all dressed up, I cheer for them in my head. When I’m feeling brave enough, I approach them to tell them how beautiful they are. Is that weird? […]


Easy protective style: Crown twists

Once the ‘fro is out, it’s hard to put it away. I wear my hair out all the time, and that’s why it remains the same length. It’s not because it doesn’t grow. Oh, it does! It grows a lot, but it breaks just as fast. Why? Because I have no hair routine. I try a […]

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