Spring makeup: Pink Chanel lips

Spring is here! Well, not really, but I can smell it, and I can certainly hear it. The birds are singing sweet melodies to my ears, while the cold wind is being the bitch in high school no one really likes. Excuse my language. Really. I just over these layers. I’m ready to run free […]


Makeup Corner: The perfect cat-eye is so simple

    My go-to makeup look is a quick cat-eye and bright lips. I get a lot of requests from random strangers on the streets to some followers on instagram about what products I use to line my eyes. I’ve used it all! My favorite for a while has been the MAC gel liner with […]

Lipstick: Viva Glam Rihanna

Beauty Corner: Red lips for brown skin

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I was inspired to share three of my favorite red lipsticks with you, beauties. Two of them are very new, but they beat everything else I’ve been using. Ruby Woo, where have you been all my life? Make sure to check out the video! 1. OCC Lip Tar I’ve […]


Some life changes

      There are some great changes ahead. I’ve decided to make them, and I’m going for them full force.  I had to lay low for a little bit to put everything into perspective. I’ve been working very hard, but I’m about to start working harder. This time, it won’t be for other people’s […]


Style post: A little emerald green

I received these beautiful earrings from my fiance’s sister for Christmas. They’re stunning and perfect for the holiday season! There are the right choice to lift a black midi dress, and they add the just right amount of zing. I also thought they would go really well with a very deep red lip color. I […]


Style post: A red and gold Christmas outfit

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It’s not because I always get many luxurious gifts or my family makes a big deal out of it. It’s because of the happiness it brings people around me. I get to see people I barely know get excited about making their loved ones happy on Christmas. […]


Makeup Corner: A little color in the winter

    I’m all for color in the winter, but I don’t just stop in my choice of clothing or accessories. Sometimes, a bright pink matte lip color helps too, or some fun eye-grabbing blue nail color. I went to Sephora the other day for my facial moisturizer and a top coat. Somehow, I landed […]

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Afro styles

Here’s the thing about “4c” hair. The kinkiest of them all. The hardest to keep moisturized at them all. The roughest and toughest of them all. 4c hair with the right products and techniques can be just as fun and versatile as all the other curl patterns and hair textures out there. And no, you […]


10 Makeup tips for a Fanm Kreyol

A Fanm Kreyol is basically a black Haitian woman with African features. Actually, that’s just my definition based on my experiences. I’ve been called a bel fanm kreyol before. It’s the same as being called a beautiful black woman in English. To me, the words “fanm kreyol” mean strength, poise, beauty, and grace. Whatever the real […]


Hair talk: Twist and wrap

It’s the season for super dry hair and scalp, at least in my case. I have extremely dry skin in the late fall/winter months too. I keep that under control with vitamin E or jojoba oils. In the summer, I use coconut oil. I love to use oils on my skin and hair. On my […]

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