Cooking with Nadege: Arugula Shrimp Salad

She’s one of my favorite Haitian women in New York City. I wrote a post about her inspiring story before, and I love to support her events. Recently, I invited her over my apartment, so she can show me how to make a very easy and delicious salad! It was so much fun shooting with […]


Living colorfully

I’ve decided to live more colorfully. I often appear colorful on the outside, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m usually feeling the same way on the inside. There are times, I look the most colorful when I’m feeling the darkest. I realized that incorporating colors in my food and around my apartment lifts my spirit […]


Same space, different place

OK, so I rearranged my apartment again. It’s a new year, and I get tired of stuff you know!? I like to go places and take action! And when I can’t literally go places, I move my furniture around and find new purposes for my stuff. You might have seen the various stages before, but […]


Apartment: another update

I did it again. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’re probably familiar with these posts. I wake up, look around, and get tired of what I see. And since I can’t afford new stuff (yet), I switch everything around. My fiance is usually not around when I do this, but this time […]


House: “Romanticizing” my studio apartment

I’m known for having trinkets. I go out, and I buy something that makes me smile (if I can afford it) whether I will be able to use it or not. Most of my trinkets are for decorative value, but sometimes, I store them in a box too. I have a treasure box full of […]


Harlem streets and rooftops at sunset

When the sun licks just lightly the top of the trees and buildings and hugs them with its warm, comforting hues, that’s when I like to go and photograph Harlem. Sometimes, I run on the streets, right around the circle on 110th by the Frederick Douglass statue, everything looks so calm and serene, particularly when skaters […]


my studio apartment now, before, then

When I first came to New York, I was looking for a place to crash, now I have a place to live. I realize there’s much more to being a New Yorker than hopping from place to place then coming home at an unreasonable time to rest for just a few hours and to start […]


My studio apartment (room divider)

Everyone knows that space is expensive in New York City. I had my choice between a one bedroom and a studio while selecting my apartment and chose the studio. I liked the open feel of everything, and I thought if decorated well, it will be much cozier and more charming than the one bedroom. It […]