Urban Garden in Harlem Makes Me Happy

You know what I absolutely love? When I’m walking somewhere (perhaps to meet someone), and I come across pretty things or a place that make my heart flutter. Of course when I find these things or that place,  I get lost in them. Then, I run late and blame my tardiness on my curiosity and […]


Romantic evening at the NoMad

  Nothing makes me feel more like a grown up than dressing up for a nice meal. This is coming from someone who got her first job at 13 and has been paying all her own bills since she was 17. New York City is notable for mixing exquisite cuisine with superb ambiance. Stepping in some […]


Summer party at Lincoln Center

I love it when my friends become members of great NYC organizations like, Young Patrons of Lincoln Center. Why? Because they invite me to pretty amazing events, and I get to have awesome fun with them. YPLC hosted a fabulous summer cocktail on Friday June 28th. We got to enjoy complimentary beverages under a beautiful […]


Haitian feast at Le Soleil with Jany Tomba

Last week, I had to pleasure of meeting the delightful Jany Tomba, the first Haitian early generation black supermodel. I interviewed her for Amour Creole Magazine, and I was so excited to listen to her story. I will be sure to announce when the article is published so you can check it out. We met at […]


The Cloisters in the spring

I have a new found love, and ladies and gentlemen, that is Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights. After five years of living in New York, I finally had the chance to visit The Cloisters, a museum located in Fort Tryon I’ve always wanted to visit. In my opinion, it’s one of the best NYC […]


Yummy foods at Smorgasburg

Last Sunday, after a horrible week of cold and rainy weather, the sun came out just enough to encourage my boyfriend and I to head down to Brooklyn to check out Smorgasburg. I first heard about the open food market from an old co-worker. New York City has a plethora of great dining options that […]

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