Shopping in Harlem: Flamekeepers Hat Club

Smooth jazz playing in the background. A warm and light atmosphere pulls me in. Clean rows and beautiful men’s hats speak to me. It’s the kind of shop that makes a girl take off the vibrant headwraps she swears by to put on a man’s hat. I notice a great variety from leather caps, bowler hats, […]


Shopping in Harlem: Trunk Show Designer Consignment

A chic Harlem consignment boutique with a hip Parisian flair? Does such a thing exist? Oh yes. Yes, it does. Trunk Show Designer Consignment (or TSDC) occupies a small but significant piece of 113th street at Frederick Douglas Boulevard.  Just like its website describes, it truly is a luxury haven in Harlem. Owned by  two […]


Hair braiding adventure in Harlem: Oumou Hair design

 I’ve had my fair share of terrible experiences at hair braiding salons. The truth is I find them mostly scary, unprofessional, and sometimes just downright depressing. There’s nothing relaxing, or remotely welcoming about them like other salons. I’m not asking for luxury here, just a little bit of decency. I’m not  asking to be greeted […]


Art in Harlem: “Le Retour” by Ousmane Gueye

As I was taking a stroll through Harlem on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I stumbled upon an art gallery. I remember thinking that I’ve walked this intersection of Harlem many times and have never noticed it. I stopped to admire the artwork  when I noticed a figure inside the gallery waving at me from a […]


Shopping in Harlem: JB B.O.R.N. Vintage Clothing

Tucked away on one of the busiest streets in Harlem, this chic and stunningly decorated boutique offers a variety of modern and vintage designer goods for the fashionable and thrifty New Yorker. At JB B.O.R.N. (borrowed, old, refurbished, new), each item is carefully selected by the charming and interesting store owner, Jonathan Bodrick. At the […]


Harlem Shopping: Harlem Underground

I’ve been looking for the right spot to get a Harlem t-shirt for a while. I’ve seen some on 125th on some vendors’ booths, but they didn’t really do it for me. I was looking for style, subtlety, and quality. I wanted to something I can wear with both skirts and shorts- not something that would sit […]


Discovering Harlem: Franz James Floral Boutique

I walked up to the flower shop on my block on Sunday and introduced myself to one of the owners. I’ve always admired that shop, it always caught my attention every time I walk by.  I find it aesthetically pleasing and a real asset to the neighborhood so I stopped by to say hello. Franz […]