Eating in Harlem: Barawine

The fiance and I were thrilled to go on a date last Friday night. We chose Barawine, a romantic and trendy restaurant tucked right on the corner of Lenox Avenue and 120th Street. The decor is marvelous, and I will go on a limb here and say: it’s the best lit restaurant in Harlem. Every […]


Saturday in Harlem with Negros Americanos

My brothers and extremely talented Hip-Hop duo, Negros Americanos came all the way to Harlem to hang out with me! I was excited to take them around my Harlem for some good, organic fun. We started out in my apartment, then went around my ‘hood to some of my favorite spots within walking distance. I […]


Never ending brunch in Harlem

There’s something special about Sunday brunch. Sitting with a group of friends, laughing, talking passionately about world issues, eating and of course, drinking. We had a fantastic brunch yesterday at 5 And Diamond in Harlem. I ordered pancakes with fried chicken and it was divine. The chicken was perfectly crisp on the outside and moist […]


Eating in Harlem: Jado Sushi

 Jado Sushi is the newest restaurant along the lower section of Frederick Douglas Boulevard, and I have been eying it ever since it opened. I recently had an opportunity to go there when a good friend missed my birthday, but promised me drinks as a result of missing it. Now drinks alone didn’t seem that […]


Eating in Harlem: Harlem Food Bar

Berry Harlem: Vodka served with muddled fresh berries, champagne and mint Nothing makes me happier than getting home from work before the sun sets. Now that the days are getting shorter,  reaching Harlem when it’s still light out is an accomplishment worth mentioning, and that brings me great joy.  Being welcomed by the dancing sun […]


Eating in Harlem: Jin Ramen

Long gone are the days I trek all the way down to East Village and wait for two hours for some nice Japanese ramen noodles and delicious pork buns. Jin Ramen opened up in Harlem right on the corner of 125th and Broadway. Already one of my top three favorites in the neighborhood, I couldn’t wait […]

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