Dancing to Belo at South Street Seaport

  Belo stole my heart with his music when I was in college. I’ve probably told the story before, but I’ll tell it again many times. After a night of ridiculous, unnecessary drinking like most students who live on a college campus do, I was cleaning my dorm room’s floor from all the gross sticky, […]


Gessica and I love Emeline Michel

I will never ever (ever ever ever!) get tired of a live Emeline Michel performance. The woman is grace, power, charm, femininity, simplicity, complexity, confidence, and passion all in one body. If she gets on stage, and decides for some reason to stand still the whole time, and all she does is hum for three […]


James Germain at Lincoln Center

It was my first time watching James Germain live. I stumbled into the room in the middle of his performance, and I was drawn immediately. He had the audience at the palm of his hands. Our eyes moved wherever he went. We smiled at his brilliant personality, and laughed at his charming jokes. His powerful […]


Bal a Versailles: The Golden Mask

Just hours before the event, my little helpers flew in through my french windows and started singing. The warm breeze of the early evening made me smile. Senor Jackito, my favorite little one of the bunch, looked at me with wide eyes, and asked, “But Paola, what are you going to wear to the ball! […]


La Nuit Des Jeunes 2014

Jaz Enterprise was very kind and generous to invite me to this year’s La Nuit Des Jeunes this past Saturday. I was very excited because I’ve never attended a giant Compas event as such, and I heard it was the biggest one in Manhattan. I put on my most comfortable high-heeled boots, a fitted midi […]


Dancing to Nu-Look

It was hot. It was muggy. I was sweaty, and so was everyone else. It was the kind of weather that even breathing made you sweat profusely. I figured if I’m going to sweat anyway, I might as well make it count and dance all night! I was dancing to Compas with a live performance […]


Hope and A Future: A Celebration of Haiti

“Everyday in America, we get up, and we live life because we have infrastructure. We have water. We have electricity. We don’t think about these things. We utilize these things. But (en Ayiti) in Haiti, we have to get up, and we have to (cheche lavi) look for life. But despite that, we still get […]


Belo performs at Lycée Francais de New York

I remember the first time I heard his music. I was in college, and I was sweeping my dorm room after another random night of partying. My mind was focused on the stickiness of a syrupy substance on the floor, which I’m guessing was Grenadine. I took a small break, and pulled the CD out […]


NYC Adventures: A night with Zing

“In one word, describe Zing Experience and what the band means to you.” That was the question my partner Natalia and I asked fans who came to see Zing perform during their album release party at Webster Hall, a couple of weeks ago. The answers were all very different and special in their own way. […]


Haiti Optimiste: An Evening Celebrating New Cinema From Haiti!

“There is Hollywood in America, Bollywood in India, Nollywood in Nigeria… Let’s bring Jollywood to Jacmel, Haiti!” Cine Institute, Haiti’s only film school teamed with French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) this past Thursday, January 24, 2013 to screen “Haiti Optimiste”: a series of short films made by Haitian film students to portray their potential and […]

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