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Dominican Republic’s “Ethnic Cleansing” of Haitians

It bring tears to my eyes to see my brothers and sisters who have been working under the most unfavorable circumstances for decades on the same island as their country of origin to be dehumanized and humiliated in such way. The Dominican government plans to expel Haitians, or anyone black enough to be Haitian out […]


Fanm Djanm in Haiti

On Thursday, September 25th, 2014, Le Boudoir de Francoise Elizee, an upscale boutique located in the heart of Petion-Ville opened its doors and welcomed the Fanm Djanm movement. The amount of beautiful, intelligent, and positive Haitian women I met and hugged that rainy night still keeps my heart warm at night. Sometimes, when I think […]


One Day at Indigo Beach

Haiti has many beautiful beaches. Over the past few years, the country as a whole has been working really hard on making sure the rest of the world is caught up on that fact. Montrouis, a little town located in the Ouest Department, is well known for its beach destinations, which includes Moulin Sur Mer, Club […]


Playing dress up in Tete’s closet

The bed was neatly covered with layers of beautiful prints, textures, and colors. There were so many possibilities that would make the perfect and most interesting outfit, it was impossible to stay focused. Oh, and the accessories! Purses, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings of all kinds dangled artistically in various corners of the room or occupied […]


From Jacmel, with love

We got on the road and headed to Jacmel as soon as I landed in Port-au-Prince. I’ve never been, and Gessica wanted to take me. I was so excited! But I tried to remain neutral so I wouldn’t get disappointed. I’ve learned that things are not always what they seem, and by remaining neutral, I […]


Dancing to Belo at South Street Seaport

  Belo stole my heart with his music when I was in college. I’ve probably told the story before, but I’ll tell it again many times. After a night of ridiculous, unnecessary drinking like most students who live on a college campus do, I was cleaning my dorm room’s floor from all the gross sticky, […]


Gessica and I love Emeline Michel

I will never ever (ever ever ever!) get tired of a live Emeline Michel performance. The woman is grace, power, charm, femininity, simplicity, complexity, confidence, and passion all in one body. If she gets on stage, and decides for some reason to stand still the whole time, and all she does is hum for three […]


James Germain at Lincoln Center

It was my first time watching James Germain live. I stumbled into the room in the middle of his performance, and I was drawn immediately. He had the audience at the palm of his hands. Our eyes moved wherever he went. We smiled at his brilliant personality, and laughed at his charming jokes. His powerful […]

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Celebrate Mother’s Day and Support Women of Haiti

 Did you know that you can support hard working women and mothers from Haiti by purchasing something unique for you mom or loved ones from this Macy’s collection? When I heard about this, I had to get involved and spread the news because if you’ve been following my blog, you know my passion about Haiti and empowering […]


Bal a Versailles: The Golden Mask

Just hours before the event, my little helpers flew in through my french windows and started singing. The warm breeze of the early evening made me smile. Senor Jackito, my favorite little one of the bunch, looked at me with wide eyes, and asked, “But Paola, what are you going to wear to the ball! […]

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