La Nuit Des Jeunes 2014

Jaz Enterprise was very kind and generous to invite me to this year’s La Nuit Des Jeunes this past Saturday. I was very excited because I’ve never attended a giant Compas event as such, and I heard it was the biggest one in Manhattan. I put on my most comfortable high-heeled boots, a fitted midi […]


Finding Faces of NY: Nadege Fleurimond

Nadege Fleurimond is a caterer and event planner based in New York City. The Columbia University graduate is of Haitian descent, and she caught our attention with her latest coffee table book project. We’ve been hooked since.  The entrepreneur, dreamer, and author who is not afraid to embark on new adventures agreed to fit me […]


Once upon a time in Haiti

Once upon a time in Haiti, perfect water droplets danced on our van’s windshield as we zoomed past colorful taptaps on the wet, open road. Green mountains greeted us. We were chasing the sun under deep, grey clouds on our way to the beach. We ended up at Club Indigo where eventually, the clouds went […]


nightlife in haiti

I met a couple last night at a party who had a hard time believing Haiti had any kind of nightlife. They told me they went on their honeymoon to the Dominican Republic, but when they think of Haiti, the only word that comes to mind is “misery”. They were both smart and adventurous, and […]


Fine dining in Haiti: La Souvenance

Rating: 4 mangoes Gessica Geneus invited me out to dinner with her friends on a beautiful, warm evening in Port-au-Prince. The group was celebrating a someone’s farewell party and birthday at the popular, fine dining restaurant, La Souvenance. As a food fanatic and professional in the hospitality field, I couldn’t retain my excitement. I wanted […]


Finding Art in Haiti

Finding art in Haiti is easy. All you have to do is go outside. Wherever you are, there is art. You’ll find walls covered with colorful paintings, wood and steel drum sculptures defying the hot sun for miles and miles. People will walk up to your car window with their work, and they will make […]


The children of Dufailly, Haiti

  Within the first ten minutes of my visit in Dufailly with the Fleur De Vie, I was in tears. I didn’t know where they came from, but they invaded my face, and I could not hold them back. Not many people get to see me cry, and I’m one of those people who cry […]


Night out in Haiti – Presse Cafe

If I still lived in Haiti, I would be a regular at Presse Cafe. Just like in New York some places know me as the “Sexy Nachos Girl” or the “Black Coffee Girl”, I would be the “Grilled Fish and Prestige Girl” there. I would come in with small and big groups, and some nights […]

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