Travel Files: A stroll through Old San Juan

Kali picked me up from my hotel Friday afternoon. I climbed in her car, and we formally introduced ourselves to each other. It was our very first time meeting. I immediately noticed her striking bone structure and kind eyes. She wore minimal makeup, a headwrap styled into a mohawk and red lips. She told me […]


Birthday Brunch with Fola

I first saw Fola in a photograph that went viral on Facebook and Tumblr. At that time, I was still at regular my “9:00-7:00” so I was not as active online. I didn’t know her name or where she was based, but her fearless presence in the photo kept my attention. I always wondered who […]


Christmas Tree in Harlem

Fiance and I already have a tradition. We get our Christmas Tree in Harlem, right on Frederick Douglas and 121st. Adam is the name of our Christmas Tree guy, and this is his third year selling trees in Harlem. He’s originally from VT, where Fiance is also from. This time around, we decided to spend […]


Halloween recap

Halloween in Harlem was awesome! I picked everything from my closet. I’ve had this purple wig for years that I always seem to use. Sometimes I put it on to clean, I’ve gone to festivals with it, and it always makes an appearance around Halloween. I also have a number of bodysuits, so I pulled […]


The children of Dufailly, Haiti

  Within the first ten minutes of my visit in Dufailly with the Fleur De Vie, I was in tears. I didn’t know where they came from, but they invaded my face, and I could not hold them back. Not many people get to see me cry, and I’m one of those people who cry […]


Night out in Haiti – Presse Cafe

If I still lived in Haiti, I would be a regular at Presse Cafe. Just like in New York some places know me as the “Sexy Nachos Girl” or the “Black Coffee Girl”, I would be the “Grilled Fish and Prestige Girl” there. I would come in with small and big groups, and some nights […]

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