Travel Files: A stroll through Old San Juan

Kali picked me up from my hotel Friday afternoon. I climbed in her car, and we formally introduced ourselves to each other. It was our very first time meeting. I immediately noticed her striking bone structure and kind eyes. She wore minimal makeup, a headwrap styled into a mohawk and red lips. She told me […]


Dear LX

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from young women about career choices. I get to read their dreams, and what they’d like to do. And I very humbled that they share some of their stories with me. Since this has been a recurring thing, I will respond to the ones that start to repeat […]


Birthday Brunch with Fola

I first saw Fola in a photograph that went viral on Facebook and Tumblr. At that time, I was still at regular my “9:00-7:00″ so I was not as active online. I didn’t know her name or where she was based, but her fearless presence in the photo kept my attention. I always wondered who […]


What does a feminist look like?

Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie posted a photo of Beyonce from the 2014 MTV Video Music Award with the caption: “On Monday morning I woke to images of Beyoncé, striking a dramatic pose – dressed as the world’s most beautiful disco ball – in front of the word “FEMINIST” and felt like an excited kid all […]


Date night

Sometimes my fiance looks up from a book or comes home, and just decides to take me out on a date. Not a “put on your tennis shoes, and let’s go get frozen yogurt and a movie” date. He wants a “let’s get all dressed up and go somewhere we need to hail a cab […]


What is sensuality?

Alejandro and I are long time friends. He’s been photographing me for years. A while back he said I was his muse. I got excited at the thought of being someone’s muse so we shot plenty. Many of the photos are not even published. I’ve watched him grow into an amazing photographer. And I know […]


Bring back our girls!

When I first read the news, I started sobbing immediately. I said, “What type of society do we live in that hundreds young girls get abducted all at once and the world is not rioting and coming together to find them?” I just couldn’t believe this could happen in 2014. I know it happens every […]


The issue of body image

    Now, I like shopping Target for really cute and affordable swimsuits. When I wear them, people usually ask where I get them from, and they’re usually surprised when I tell them. They’re colorful, well made (for the price), and overall attractive. So browsing their website, and seeing how they butchered one of their […]


Nice people hate too

“I hate white people.” He looked at me straight in the eyes and said it without the slightest smile. He said it as if he walks around thinking it all the time. He didn’t flinch nor look angry. His toned never changed, but the room got a bit chiller. I wasn’t sure how to respond […]

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