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TV Interview with What’s Eating Harlem

A few months ago, I hosted a pop up shop in Harlem, and was thrilled to have What’s Eating Harlem feature my style along with my company. I missed the night the interview aired on PBS’ NYC Life Channel, but I’m glad it’s available on YouTube! The turnout of the pop up was wonderful, and […]


Video: Q&A with the fiance

My fiance and I answered some questions we were asked by some of my followers on Instagram. It was awkward, but what you see is what you get. This video is a true reflection of our relationship. My fiance is ridiculous. I had no idea he was holding a spatula the whole time we were […]



When I was in high school, right when I was getting comfortable with speaking English, a classmate looked at me and said with an accusatory tone that made me blush, “You’re so gaudy!” I felt bad without knowing the meaning of the word. I could tell by the way she spat her statement that she […]


Travel Files: A stroll through Old San Juan

Kali picked me up from my hotel Friday afternoon. I climbed in her car, and we formally introduced ourselves to each other. It was our very first time meeting. I immediately noticed her striking bone structure and kind eyes. She wore minimal makeup, a headwrap styled into a mohawk and red lips. She told me […]


Dear LX

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from young women about career choices. I get to read their dreams, and what they’d like to do. And I very humbled that they share some of their stories with me. Since this has been a recurring thing, I will respond to the ones that start to repeat […]


Birthday Brunch with Fola

I first saw Fola in a photograph that went viral on Facebook and Tumblr. At that time, I was still at regular my “9:00-7:00” so I was not as active online. I didn’t know her name or where she was based, but her fearless presence in the photo kept my attention. I always wondered who […]


What does a feminist look like?

Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie posted a photo of Beyonce from the 2014 MTV Video Music Award with the caption: “On Monday morning I woke to images of Beyoncé, striking a dramatic pose – dressed as the world’s most beautiful disco ball – in front of the word “FEMINIST” and felt like an excited kid all […]


Date night

Sometimes my fiance looks up from a book or comes home, and just decides to take me out on a date. Not a “put on your tennis shoes, and let’s go get frozen yogurt and a movie” date. He wants a “let’s get all dressed up and go somewhere we need to hail a cab […]


What is sensuality?

Alejandro and I are long time friends. He’s been photographing me for years. A while back he said I was his muse. I got excited at the thought of being someone’s muse so we shot plenty. Many of the photos are not even published. I’ve watched him grow into an amazing photographer. And I know […]


Bring back our girls!

When I first read the news, I started sobbing immediately. I said, “What type of society do we live in that hundreds young girls get abducted all at once and the world is not rioting and coming together to find them?” I just couldn’t believe this could happen in 2014. I know it happens every […]

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