Bal a Versailles: The Golden Mask

Just hours before the event, my little helpers flew in through my french windows and started singing. The warm breeze of the early evening made me smile. Senor Jackito, my favorite little one of the bunch, looked at me with wide eyes, and asked, “But Paola, what are you going to wear to the ball! We heard it was the biggest ball in the land. How are we going to get you ready in time!?” I love that little bird. I’m not sure how he flew from Brazil to New York, but he was there, and he was adamant that I would look nothing but amazing this elaborate ball. I also don’t know how I managed to understand his Brazilian bird language. But this is a fairy tale, and everything is possible.

I thought of wearing a headwrap, but of course Jackito disapproved. So I sat there weeping, not knowing what to do with my hair, or what I would wear to this ball. I mean it was the event of the year! This is where I would finally meet my prince charming… Finally, after many tears, Pierre-Louis, my Haitian bird friend started pecking at my feet. He screamed, “This is no time to cry! Get up girl, and twirl! Twirl, girl! Twirl!” As I twirled, my fairy skirt-mother just appeared in a cloud of magic and glitters. She pointed her wand at me and said, “Sofistafunk! Sofistafunk! You’re a Sofistafunk girl!” I looked down, and I was dressed in this beautiful sequined skirt and lace top. My eyes lashes grew by half an inch, and my hair magically formed two giant puffs! Just like that! I transformed from peasant to princess…

No seriously, it went down like this…

Just hours before the event, my hair was still in headwraps. I had no idea how I would wear my Sofistafunk skirt. I knew I had to wear it, but there were so many possibilities! I just had no idea what I would do. “Crap! What am I going to do with this skirt?! Should I wear it as a dress or a skirt? Tyler, help!” Tyler just glanced back from his computer. After I demanded the attention I deserved, he said, he liked the lace top best. So then, the makeup came. I started going crazy and put gold eye makeup all over my face. Then, I added rhinestones with eyelash glue to my forehead because I thought I was so creative. I freaked out because Tyler was rushing me, and when I’m rushed, I’m afraid I’ll look like a giant mess. So we got in  the cab, which was a site to behold by the way… My skirt was so big! I was fidgeting the whole time. Then we finally arrived…

We were welcomed by a small orchestra playing sweet melodies outside. I immediately lost all fear of looking like a crazy villain from a fairy tale. I just wanted to twirl around them. Then we walked in, and that’s when the real fun began. We were transported to a land of luxury. There were candles and large flower center pieces on every table. The food was phenomenal. I love that she served Ble (Haitian dish with bulgur wheat) with mussels! The music was even better. I danced all night. My drink of the night? Barbancourt on the rocks with a strawberry for garnish. Yes, it was a fun evening in lower Manhattan. I’m happy I attended the lavish “Bal a Versailles” hosted by Nadege Fleurimond of Fleurimond Catering. And the best part? I went in flats! The skirt allowed me to look fancy without high heels.

Exhausted after a night of dancing!


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  1. D
    May 4, 2014 at 7:21 pm (2 years ago)

    best dressed!

  2. Anonymous
    April 25, 2014 at 12:29 pm (2 years ago)

    I followed your blog for sometime now but never felt the urge to comment.. You definitely are a beautiful young woman and you make me very proud of our Haitian heritage.. May God’s grace continue to bless you and inspire you
    And all that you do..


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