Tan and Denim

You can never go wrong with tan and denim. The two go together like a good mojito and a beautiful beach sunset. The color combination also looks good on every skin and body type. It’s fun and classic, and there’s just something “rich” looking about it. I paired my $10 short romper I scored from […]

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TV Interview with What’s Eating Harlem

A few months ago, I hosted a pop up shop in Harlem, and was thrilled to have What’s Eating Harlem feature my style along with my company. I missed the night the interview aired on PBS’ NYC Life Channel, but I’m glad it’s available on YouTube! The turnout of the pop up was wonderful, and […]


The Bermuda Way

I was in Puerto Rico when I received the message. Bermuda Fashion Festival was happening, and I was invited to participate as a model and explore the beautiful island and all it had to offer. I’d never been, and it wasn’t on current travel bucket list, but I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve always heard […]


Video: Q&A with the fiance

My fiance and I answered some questions we were asked by some of my followers on Instagram. It was awkward, but what you see is what you get. This video is a true reflection of our relationship. My fiance is ridiculous. I had no idea he was holding a spatula the whole time we were […]


Mango Gelato

I have a love-hate relationship with the Meatpacking Disctrict. I love the aesthetics of the small neighborhood. I enjoy dining and grabbing a cocktail or two at many of the restaurants. I’m in love with the cobblestoned streets even if I trip and wobble every other step. However, I typically despise some of the pompous […]


Berrilicious spinach apple smoothie

Green smoothies can make delicious, fresh, healthy, colorful breakfasts or lunches. They’re also great to have as a healthy mid-day snack. I love adding them in my diet every now and then. They leave me feel energized through out the day, and keep me motivated to be more health conscious with my other meals. Since […]


White on White in Miami

One of my favorite summer colors is white. It’s just so easy to wear. It makes everything look classy, and it’s a great canvas if you love to wear lots of accessories. I love white pants especially. They accentuate the booty and give curves to women like me who lack them. I paired my white […]

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Dominican Republic’s “Ethnic Cleansing” of Haitians

It bring tears to my eyes to see my brothers and sisters who have been working under the most unfavorable circumstances for decades on the same island as their country of origin to be dehumanized and humiliated in such way. The Dominican government plans to expel Haitians, or anyone black enough to be Haitian out […]



When I was in high school, right when I was getting comfortable with speaking English, a classmate looked at me and said with an accusatory tone that made me blush, “You’re so gaudy!” I felt bad without knowing the meaning of the word. I could tell by the way she spat her statement that she […]


Travel Files: A stroll through Old San Juan

Kali picked me up from my hotel Friday afternoon. I climbed in her car, and we formally introduced ourselves to each other. It was our very first time meeting. I immediately noticed her striking bone structure and kind eyes. She wore minimal makeup, a headwrap styled into a mohawk and red lips. She told me […]

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