Apartment Chronicles: Breakfast in Bed

1-DSC_1021 2-DSC_1096 3-DSC_1178Over the past few weeks, I’ve been spoiled with breakfast in bed. It’s really cute, you see. I would hear a grinding noise from the distance. It’s my fiance grinding coffee. Yes, every morning, I’m awaken by that sound. The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes to make just 3 cups of coffee, but he loves his manual coffee grinder. I can’t get him to buy regular ground coffee like everybody else. My dreams would come to a halt just to hear these sweet melodic sounds, “krkrkrkrrkrkrkkrkrkrkrkrkrkrkrkr.”

What person doesn’t appreciate these kinds of things? These little things that make you smile when you’re having a hard day at work. The simple things that are more valuable than any materialistic items you own or dream of. What makes breakfast in bed even more special is that it is always served on the hand-painted tray I got from my last trip in Haiti. Despite what you may think of me, I should let you know that I’m an extremely light packer for someone who loves to dress up. For a trip of seven days, I only managed to pack everything in one carry-on and a purse that contained my laptop, camera, and other knick-knacks. That tray did not fit in either of my bags, and I knew it wouldn’t at the store, but I purchased it anyway. It looked so familiar, and I just had to get it! While paying for it, I asked the owner of the store if this tray was ever sold at Macy’s, and she smiled and confirmed. I remember going on the Macy’s website to purchase it, but it was sold out. It was also about three times as much than I paid for it, but I understand.

The tray was wrapped for me, and I even told the lady right then and there, “This is going to be my ‘breakfast in bed’ tray.” She smiled. I’m sure she didn’t have a drop of care of the matter, but I was excited. My whole return trip was awkward because the large tray didn’t fit in any of my bags, but I dragged it along until I made it to JFK. Fiance saw it from the distance all wrapped up and inquired about it. I said, “I bought this tray for the sole purpose of breakfast in bed!” He laughed, but he actually listened. We use it often, and every time I see it, I smile. It’s a hand-painted tray from Haiti. Someone spent time on it to make it look pretty, and that person is my Haitian brother or sister. My heart warms up every time we use it for something.

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