2 Fruit-full Breakfast options

breakfastI love fruits! The majority of my grocery shopping is fruits. Bananas, green apples, grapefruits, grapes, pineapples, pomegranates, avocados, cherries, berries (all kinds!), mangoes… Yea, I think you get the point.  They’re colorful, they’re beautiful, and they’re so delicious. They’re seriously one of mother nature’s best gifts on earth. I eat them randomly at all time of the day for a snack, when I don’t feel like almonds, popcorns, or carrots. And, I love to add them in my breakfasts. When I don’t have time for breakfast, they’re also great to grab on the go. You can’t go wrong with a banana and an apple when you have to run.

Below are the two top ways, I like to include fruits in my breakfasts. I love topping my oatmeal with different fruits. I always get excited to try new combinations! Oatmeal is a  great breakfast option because it’s not only healthy, but it keeps you full for a while. Topping it with different fruits also makes it extremely delicious. You already know I love green smoothies as well. You’ve seen some past posts and recipes. They never get boring, but I love to rotate my greens as well as my fruits. They’re also incredibly filling, and I usually make more two servings so I can sip on them during the early afternoon with lunch.

1. Steel oats topped with blueberries, rasperries, and maple syrup with a side of sliced grapefruit.

2. Baby romaine smoothie with fresh pineapple, handful of blueberries, half of banana, frozen peach, topped with Chia seeds. Garnished with pineapple slice.

Step 1: Cut large pineapple, use a handful and store the rest in freezer-friendly container.

Step 2: Put two large handful of greens in blender. I use a normal blender my dad got me for Christmas. I’ve been using that blender for about a year, and it’s fine. It’s definitely not fast like the super expensive ones, but it works. You don’t need to shell out $600 for green smoothies if you can’t afford it yet.)

Step 3: Add pineapple, berries, frozen peach, and banana on top of greens.

Step 4: Add one cup of water to help everything blend. (You can add more or less based on your desired consistency.)

Step 5: Blend to your preferred thickness and consistency, then top with seeds of choice. (I normally use Chia, hemp, or flax seeds.)

You might think I’m incredibly healthy because I post about these things, but I have to be honest here. My fiance is a meat lover, and we both love to eat! So just because I post about fruits and veggies, doesn’t mean that’s all I eat. I also drink a lot of beer…and wine…and cocktails. I’m a foodie in all sense of the word. Yes, I know. People who don’t know me just assume that I just hula hoop, do yoga, eat fruits, and veggies… Some people even go as far as telling others I’m a vegetarian without even consulting me. All that is false. I believe life is about balance. I like to do healthy stuff as well as enjoy other things. I just love GOOD food.  The only thing I most certainly don’t do is eat fast food, and I stay away from chain restaurants. But I love a good BBQ, sushi, fresh breads, boeuf bourguignon, gnocchi, you name it… So don’t be fooled! The best thing is to eat real food, and stay active. If you want to lose weight, eat in moderation, but I still believe you can enjoy great foods and be somewhat healthy.

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